Monday, 22 June 2009

The One About My CJ that Came Home...

So last July I sent off my CJ about Sadie & Russells wedding. And last Tuesday it came home, and it is sooo gorgeous! The lovely ladies that worked on it put so much effort it, and even Sadie loves it! So here are some pics of all the entries:

My Entry:

Karen's Entry:

Jo's Entry:
Dee's Entry: Caz's Entry:

Arelene's Entry:
Liz's Entry:
Linda's Entry:
Kate's Entry:
AJ's Entry:
Anyway I love it! All thats left for me to do now is add some pages at the back about the reception - I sent the CJ out with rather a lot of photos, so I'm quite impressed that we got as far as we did. Thanks ladies!

The One About the Brownie Friendship Recipe book & other things...

Last week at brownies the girls put together their own recipes for what would make a perfect friend (which were really cute by the way!) I have then bound it together in a mini book with a front cover that I made:This has now been pinned up on our newly decorated Brownie noticeboard, along with the certificate we got for raising money for Water Aid last term! All that singing was worth it!!!

Then this evening I have completed an entry in a CJ (round robin to those who aren't scrappers!) which is actually the last entry, so its on its way home to the owner tomorrow! Here is my entry:

The theme was Louis's first months, and as you can see my month was October.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

The One About the Mini Book...

So I've not blogged in ages, but thats mainly because I haven't done any scrapbooking! I'm now deskless so it isn't as easy to get all my craft supplies out! But this weekend I did and I made a mini-book to go in my handbag especially for those people who are forever saying 'what is scrapbooking?' Its only small with a couple of pages. Here are some pics:

I used some new Bo Bunny papers that I picked up a couple of weeks ago (they might not be new in the scrapbooking world, but they're nw to me!) and I had another go at cutting butterflies out on my craft robo! I really must try cutting other shapes out with it!!