Sunday, 18 March 2012

The One About Card Making . . .

So I thought it was about time that I shared some of the cards I've been making while I've got ten minutes and Alissia is asleep!  I haven't had much chance to blog since she was born, but I have been trying to keep up with everyone's blogs, I just haven't had a chance to leave any comments lately.  I'm sure that once we're in a better routine I'll have more time to do things!

First up is the card I made M for Valentine's Day.  I actually made it in the middle of January as my due date was the 3 Feb and I had visions of needing to be induced at two weeks late,, so I thought I'd just get prepared!

Next up is the one I've made Mum for Mothers Day.  I've actually had time today whilst Alissia has been asleep to make cards, and this was the one I've been wanting to make for ages.  Whilst I was in hospital M bought me some card making magazines, and I got the idea for this one from a few different cards in the mag, and merged it all together.  My Mum is really keen on making patchwork quilts and things at the moment, which is the theme for the card.

The last two cards are a thank you card for a gift that we were given for Alissia, and a congratulations card for my friend who has had the best news today!

Maybe next time I get a couple of hours I might do some scrapping, I've still got my Christmas Journal to finish before I can make a start on any baby photos!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The One About Ten Alissia Facts . . .

So it's the tenth of the month and I thought I'd share ten facts about Alissia now that she is just over a month old:

1) she has started to smile

2) she likes to fall asleep whilst being cuddled on mine or M's chest

3) she squeaks whilst she drinks her milk

4) she would rather look at the images on TV than focus on the toys in front of her when we play on the floor mat

5) when on her tummy on the mat she can move her head from one side to the other and back again

6) again on her mat, if you hold your hand in front of her feet she can push really hard, and push herself higher up the mat - she's going to be crawling early I think!  Those little legs are very strong!

7) she makes little grunting noises in her sleep, which is cute in the day, but can be loud enough to wake you in the night!

8) she is still only sleeping for 3 hour stretches at a time, although last Thursday we got 5 hours through the night and were really impressed

9) she falls to sleep if you take her in the car or walk her in the pram

10) she will wee everywhere just after you've finished changing her, but just before you put the clean nappy on, resulting in a whole new set of clothes being put on. (Oh and we've had several instances of projectile pooing but I won't say any more than that!)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The One About the Hairdressers . . .

One of my Christmas pressies from M was a voucher to go and get my hair done in one of the local salons. Normally I would get my hair done in the salon close to my mum's where I've been since I was about 18, but which is a good 45minutes drive away from here.  M's thinking was that once I'd had the baby I would want to get my hair done, but not want to leave baby for long, so this was the perfect present really.  I'd not been to the salon before but I booked my appointment on for this morning, before the voucher could run out.

I got there to find it was run by just one lady, and my appointment was after she had spray tanned the girl before me.  While I waited for my turn, I heard this strange noise that sounded like a bird, but just thought it was the salon owners mobile phone with a strange text alert sound.  But then I heard other noises that could only be coming from an animal that could copy sounds they'd heard off the tv, or from people.

The salon seemed to be split into three areas, with the first area being where you have your hair cut, and where you wait, the second room you go through to is where you have your hair cut, and the last room looked like it was a private area, as there were curtains half blocking the view.  I imagined the bird sounds were coming from the very back room.

Imagine my surprise to find that when I was taken through to have my hair washed that there was a parrot in the second room!  And not only that, it wasn't in a cage, it was free to do what it wanted.  The hairdresser said to me when I went in that 'it shouldn't fly about' and luckily it didn't.  But it did go to the toilet, and all I could think of was what if it had been flying about whilst it did that and it landed in my hair! Needless to say I will not be going back there again!

It was a parrot very similar to this one!
I'm not so sure about the cut either, and she'd cut some of the layers quite short before I could stop her.  So I'm having to clip bits back, and I'm hoping once I've washed it myself that I'll feel a bit better about it.

This is my new hair do, and I couldn't resist having Alissia in the photo too!
This story was brought to you as part of Sian's Storytelling Sunday, so make sure you pop over to her blog to read all the other fab stories this month!

ETA: I've since washed my hair and dried it how I normally would, and like it far better now, so all's well again :)