Sunday, 22 April 2012

The One About Alissia's Firsts . . .

This week Alissia has done a lot of firsts:

Had a nap in her big girl cot

Lifted her head up properly while on her tummy

Sat on my knee for more than two minutes.  Up until now Alissia has preferred to go on her playmat than sit with me (although she has always liked sitting with Daddy), but now that she is holding her head up more Alissia has realised that she can see more from my lap on the sofa than on her back on the floor!

We have had our first conversation!  She has started to do proper coo's and if I repeat what she says she keeps going!  Alissia was meant to be having her milk on Thursday evening but when she'd had enough she decided to talk to me instead, and we were still talking when M got home so he got to hear too!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The One About Storytime . . .

When I was little my Mum used to read to us every night before we went to bed.  When we grew up Mum saved the books and put them away in the attic, where they've until about a month ago, when we got them all down.  In the last couple of weeks I've started reading stories to Alissia every day.  At the moment we're working through the Mr Men and Little Miss series.  They're just the right length of story at the moment, as she listens and doesn't get too bored.

Reading Mr Tickle!

Monday, 9 April 2012

The One About the Changes in Alissia . . .

We were looking at photos of Alissia last night from the week we brought her home, and we can't believe how much she has changed in just 10 weeks!

Alissia at a couple of days old
Alissia at 6 weeks
Alissia at 8 weeks holding her rattle
Alissia at 9weeks and smiling!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The One About Blue Planet Aquarium . . .

Last Tuesday it was M's dad's 65th birthday, and so we all went out for the day to Blue Planet Aquarium.  This was our first trip out as a family of three, because I don't think trips to the supermarket count really!  We also went with  M, M's dad, M's sister, brother-in-law and twin nephews.  We got there nice and early, but it was still busy as we forgot it was the Easter holidays.  We wanted to go out on M's dad's actual birthday.  We had a lovely time, and Alissia woke up in time to go through the tunnel with the sharks above, and I think that in her pram she had the best view out of us all!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The One About April Fools...

When I was seven my family moved to France.  We lived in a three storey house in what the french called a square, but actually it was a triangular shaped pedestrian area, with space for parking underneath the houses in the basement.  In this square there were quite a few other non-french families with children that we used to play with.  There was an American family living next door, South Africans further down our row, a Danish family on the row opposite and a British family at the very end with a little girl in the same class as my sister.

As none of our family were fluent in french we did what most of the other families did and got a satellite dish put on the outside of the front of the house.  I don't know what we'd have done without sky TV, (probably learnt more french!)  Anyway early one morning, on the first of April, when we were trying to get ready for school, the phone rang.  I got to the phone first, and it was the mother of the little girl across the square.  She was ringing to tell me that there was a really big black crow, the size of an eagle sat on the satellite dish outside, and she'd never seen one so big before.  As I was only 7 I hadn't quite put together the fact that the first of April was April Fools day and people would play silly jokes!  So I went running off to tell my mum about the big bird, leaving the other mum on the end of the phone.  Of course my mum soon put me right and explained what April Fools Day was!  I think that is one of the only times anyone ever played an April Fool on me!

This story was brought to you as part of Sian's Storytelling Sunday.  Make sure you pop over to her blog  to read everyone else's stories today.