Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The One About my First Alissia Layouts . . .

Not so long ago, when Mark was out at the rugby and Little Miss was asleep in bed I managed to do two layouts for Alissia's album.  These two are of those first few days with her.  I've got a lot of catching up to do, she's now five and a half months!  Where has the time gone???

Mark is doing overtime this week, and won't be getting in till late, so I might get round to doing some more :)

Monday, 16 July 2012

The One About the Scavenger Hunt Number 18 . . .

So when Rinda announced the start of her Scavenger Hunt this summer I jumped at the chance to join in!  However, because my point and click camera has died I've not really had the chance to take any photos, (that will be rectified this afternoon) but today I can share my first photo for the item Movie Poster!  We're off on holiday next Saturday so I'm hoping to get quite a few then, especially if someone else can be responsible for Alissia and I can run about with the camera!
This was taken with the help of my other half Mark who is joining in with us too! (I hope that's not cheating?)
I think that I'm going to struggle with photos of the Bride (I may have to go lurking one sunny Saturday - if the sun ever comes out again that is!) and of the pier (maybe a day out to Southport can be arranged!)  The things we do!!!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

The One About the Giveaway on Life in the Craft Lane . . .

At the beginning of June Kirsteen from Life in the Craft Lane was having a give-away for her 100th blog post.  I was very lucky to win the give-away, and a voucher for Craft Island.  My goodies arrived this week, all pink or alphabets or baby related to be able to get on with my Alissia album (which I've completed two LO's for, they'll be in a different post later in the week).  Thank you Kirsteen for my voucher, and for brightening up my day when I found out!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

The One About Our First Date . . .

In the January of 2009 I read an article about online dating, more specifically Sarah Beeney's website, My Single Friend.  It made sense, you write an online profile, but a friend of yours writes something too, you upload a couple of photos, and then if men looking at it like what they see they can send you an message through the site, and you can reply if you want to.  At the time I was working at a place where I wasn't going to meet anyone, and my group of friends didn't socialise with any single men, and I'm not the sort of girl who goes out on the pull in a bar or nightclub.  Plus, I'm actually quite shy and lacking in confidence.  It took me two months of thinking and deliberating before I broached the subject with my best friend, who then said she was going to suggest it to me but didn't want to upset me!  My mum took a little longer to convince, but I explained how safe it all was and that you get to know each other over email first, then can arrange to meet up if you want to.
At Glastonbury exactly a year later - two days after we'd moved in together
After a couple of dates with men that I just didn't have that spark with, Mark's profile came up on the site.  I emailed him first, and got a response back within a day!  We seemed to have a lot in common, and were messaging nearly every day.  It got to the point where I was excited to get home in case he'd sent me a message!  After 6 weeks of this we decided to meet up, (we would have met sooner but he went off to the music festival at the Isle of White).
At Mark's friend's wedding
Mark suggested that we go and play Crazy Golf at the Trafford Centre.  Now, at the time I wouldn't drive motorways because I was scared of them, and had only driven on them once myself before.  But as the only route to the Trafford Centre was by motorway, I asked my best friend to teach me how to negotiate them before I met up with Mark (that's how badly I wanted to meet him!)  We met up at 11am, and went for a coffee first, and just generally chatted.  All I can remember from that initial meeting was how nervous I was, and Mark telling me how his sister was pregnant with twins and showing me the scan photos!  Then we went off to play Crazy Golf.  Now I'm not very good at Crazy Golf, and needless to say I lost, but we had a giggle!  When we'd been round the course we decided that we weren't hungry for lunch yet, so went and played pool.  I'm even more rubbish at pool, but with this you can always ask someone else to help you line up the shot.  Which I did on a couple of occasions, just to get close to Mark!  I still lost though!
Mark's 30th birthday 'M' party - I was Morticia, Mark was Megatron - and yes he made the costume himself!
Then it was time for lunch, at Pesto, a little Italian place which serves up small dishes like at a tapas restaurant.  Which was new to me as I'd never been to one.  Well, I turned to the dessert menu first, which is something I always do when out - well how else do you know whether to have a starter or not because you want to save space for dessert!  And as I was looking the waitress came along and asked whether we wanted any garlic bread while we waited, which we did, and then we got talking about my love of desserts, and the waitress suggested that we just get a couple of dessert choices rather than a main meal.  And my eyes lit up!  I was being allowed not one, but three desserts, well that was it then - it had to be desserts all the way.  And because Mark could see my enthusiasm he agreed, (I later learnt that he's not actually a big fan of desserts - ever the gentleman).  He let me choose all three so there would be at least one that I like, and he still does this now, if we're out and the menu looks quite dodgy Mark will let me pick two main courses and if I don't like the one I'm given we switch.  (We've only had to switch the once when I ordered the curry in a pub, and it was far too spicy for me, so I had his lasagne instead!)  (Oh and whilst waiting for the food I went to the ladies and sent the obligatory text to Mum & best friend to say that yes I was ok and yes it was going really well).
At my friend Catherine's wedding
After lunch, because neither of us wanted the date to end, Mark suggested that we walk round the shops for a bit, because he needed a Father's Day pressie and card for his Dad.  We ended up choosing his Dad a T-shirt in Debenhams, and do you know what?  His Dad still wears that T-shirt now!
At my sister's wedding
We then went for coffee in Carluccio's, and then it was time for me to go home - I was going out for dinner for my Mum & sister's birthday, otherwise I think I would have stayed until we were kicked out of the Trafford Centre!  Mark walked me to my car and we discussed what our next date would be.  And did he kiss me??? Well I think I might just keep you guessing!
On holiday in Madeira
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