Sunday, 14 December 2008

My first six pages...

So I made a start on my Christmas Journal, and have completed the first six pages. I did start on a smaller scale but found that I couldn't fit everything I wanted onto one page, so I put two pages in the bin and started again using the 8x8 inch format. And I'm quite pleased with the way that they have turned out. I know I'm miles behind still, about a week in fact, but I can try to catch up next weekend, or over the christmas break. Here they are:

Can you believe what happened in the strictly semi final results show last night? I don't believe that it was a fix like the papers were suggesting, but I do think that its unfair the way that they all automatically got put through. I think that the BBC should have disregarded the judges scores and just gone with the public vote, and whoever scored the lowest should have gone home, without the dance off happening. The girls were by far better than Tom, and I hope one of them wins it next week.

Our Christmas tree has gone up today! Hopefully Robert will put the rest of the decorations up while mum and I are at work tomorrow.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Journal your Christmas...

So I've given in and decided to do the journal again this year! Having the emails come directly to my inbox for me to open and read just made it too tempting! So last night I sorted out all my craft supplies and found everything xmassy. A lot of it won't be xmassy but will be just fine. This year I'm going to try to make it more about this xmas rather than xmas in general. I've got a book to use that I bought ages ago, so I'm all ready to go!

Also, I'm making a conscious decision to buy no more stash for the forseeable future! I've still got lots that I have used yet and has been sitting in the boxes for ages. So that is my early new years resoultion. Only sticky tape is allowed!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Worthing CJ

This weekend I have managed to sit down and finish the CJ (known in our house as a round robin!) that I started a couple of weekends ago. Hopefully I'll get the next one within the next 14 days so that it misses the Christmas post. Here are a couple of photos of what I did:
The pages above are what you see first, then there is a flap on the left that lifts up with the ribbon, to reveal the pages below:

Other news this week is that I had an email for the SI team who are going to print a letter that I sent them a few weeks ago along with some pics of a mini book I made. How excited was I??? They've even said that they're going to send me a prize, I couldn't believe it!

Tasha is doing a lot better now. Shes had her stitches out, and has stopped scratching, and her fur is beginning to grow back. So we're very relieved that there was nothing more serious going on. Horrible company that made the dodgy vaccination though :(

As people know, I have been frozen at work this past week, and when I get cold I never get warm again. So I've got thermals to wear!!! Hopefully will be a lot warmer tomorrow! The job is still going really well, I'm learning a lot and am enjoying it too.

The Fashion show...

Well Saturday finally came, and the much awaited fashion show took place. How nervous were we all before we went on??? And the talk that there were 250 people! We had a run through with the stage and the music in the afternoon, then had a pizza break before several girls and a few boys got changed quickly into their first outfits. Lots of show swapping, people doing each others hair, and zipping up fiddly dresses. The running order of the show meant that once youd been on first you had 3 songs to get changed into your second outfit before going back on. Luckily everyone made it, although I was a bit concerned for the little guides, I didn't think they'd all be ready in time. So on I went with Sadie and another leader called Vanessa, and do you know what once we were up there it wasn't so bad. We went down the stage as a threesome, then each of us went down one at a time and had to stop on 3 stops on the way down. Apparently £2500 was raised which I think was a very big achievement. What struck me when I first got there was how professional it all looked. The leaders in charge of the show had obviously put in such a lot of work as well as having to deal with a large number of outfits! So, here are the photos!

And even though I was nervous and was quite worried about being on a stage by myself, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Will I do it again next year? We'll have to wait and see!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Lovely Sunday afternoon

My friend came over this afternoon, and we spent a lovely couple of hours catching up and watching ally mcbeal from series 1:

I'm feeling lovely and relaxed from the yoga I did this morning, and am now off to do some accountancy studying. Hope everyone is having a lovely sunday xx

All shopped out

I think everybody had the same idea as us yesterday and went xmas shopping. There were people everywhere, and the queues in some places just horrendous, just not enough staff at the tills. I was very successful, only a couple of pressie left to sort out, which I can order online, or people are going to choose for themselves. I've even got the wrapping paper and tags sorted too. It was all 3 for 2 in Woolies and we were given such a huge carrier bag, and because I ws so exhausted by the time I got to BHS the bag bag was being dragged along the floor! It made mum laught anyway! Then we went off to Northwich to look at some little jewellery chops fr mum, to find that at 10 to 5 2 out of 3 of them were closed! I was so cross! Then the last one shut at 5! How stupid is that and on a Saturday evening too! Off to do some yoga now, then my friend is coming over to watch DVDs which will be fun!

Friday, 21 November 2008

End of week 2...

... and still loving it! Things that made no sense in my first couple of days, now do make sense, and I am slowly getting my new boss organised too!

Tasha is still doing just fine, she was a bit nervy yesterday evening but has been like her normal self today. Just hope the biopsy results come back clear. Only problem is Rosie has started hissing at her. Rosie never hisses at anyone, its so odd. Maybe Tasha smells like the vets still? Who knows... I just hope that they don't fall out forever, and it will pass.

Off to the shops again tomorrow, to get my xmas shopping sorted once and for all hopefully. Then that is it!! Hopefully get some time to craft on Sunday, in between moving furniture about from my room due to the electrician coming to fit a new light. Its going to be chaos in my room, my dressing table and wardrobe and probably the bookshelf too all need to be emptied out and moved elsewhere.

Tonight I'm going to be catching up on all the CSI episodes that we've taped and I haven't got round to watching yet, I've got a big stack of tapes!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Poor little Tasha...

One of our cats has had to go to the Vets tonight. Both cats had vaccines a week and a half ago, and Tasha had a really bad reaction to hers, and pulled all the hair out, and scratched it raw. So we took her for a visit where we were given some cream and it didn't work. So mum took her back tonight, and it seems that its turned into a lump :( Shes got to go back tomorrow for a biopsy. We're just hoping that the lump goes away by itself and isn't anything serious underlying it. She seems ok in herself which is a good sign. Poor little thing howled all the way there and all the way back according to Mum.

Oh and stuff what I said about only putting craft stuff on here, I'm going to put what I like, and nevermind my old work. There was a good reason that I left, and they were all totally unprofessional and unreasonable. I just hope that the place is falling apart without me, and it makes them realise exactly how much I did for them.

My new job on the other hand is great! The office is lovely and bright, and I'm in charge of the heating control (big plus - as I'm always cold!) and I'm learning such a lot, and enjoying it too. I don't have that feeling of dread when I get up in the mornings anymore, or count down the days until the weekend. And this weekend, I'm even going to do some studying for it so that I get things straight in my head, because some of it is backwards, the accountants out there will know what I mean! Bye for now x

Monday, 17 November 2008

To anyone that I've just invited....

I've had to start my blog again. The people at my old work found out that I had a blog and were reading it, and quite frankly I don't want anything to do with them anymore, let alone them reading what I've been up to. So now only people that are invited can read what I write, and thats why you've all had invites to the new blog address today. Hopefully it will start to fill up again in the next few weeks! And because I haven't had many pics yet... this is what I'm going to be watching tonight, the new series of Spooks. I love it!

Its not a very up to date picture though, as Adam was killed off a couple of episodes ago, and theres a new man on the team!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Christmas crafts...

So I've been doing quite a bit of craft work today, but because it's all for Christmas I can't show any until after Christmas! I'm hoping to be finished soon, and get back to normal scrapbooking. I've had to start my blog all over again, and actually I prefer the layout for this new one so maybe its not a bad thing after all!

Friday, 14 November 2008

My New Blog...

... dedicated to craft things and all things to do with photography. So, the last crafty thing that I did was make a mini book following instructions from Scrapbook Inspirations all about my friends wedding where I was a bridesmaid. Here are the photos: