Thursday, 28 July 2011

The One About the Race for Life...

Where has the time gone???  It seems like ages since I last blogged, and caught up on everyone else's blogs.  I've still been quite under the weather, and everything seems to have fallen by the wayside, blogging studying.  Hopefully I'll start to perk up soon and things will return to normal.

Back to the Race for Life.... Sunday 17th July and I'm woken up to the rain hammering down on the roof, not a good start.  The race was due to start at 11am so I hoped the rain would pass, and it would be dry while we were there.  This year we had decided to go to the Arley Hall one, (last years was Tatton Park), over by my mum's house.  So I dressed warmly and with my waterproof jacket and a hat in case of the rain.  Along with my pigtails with the pink flowery bobbles!  M drove us over to Mum's where she and R were waiting for us, all ready to go!  All I had to do was pin my number to my front and off we went.

We joined the other hoards of people, that were dressed in various pink outfits, to listen to the compere (not sure how I spell that), and to do some warm up exercises (Mum joined in with the exercises, I just watched on account of not feeling well).  Then they divided us up into runners, joggers & walkers.  It took about ten minutes before our group went through the starting gate, as we were the last to go.  Oh and it started to rain again!

The route of the walk took us back out towards the main entrance, and then we veered off into the woods.  There were marshals along the way, and markers every time we passed another km.  Luckily once we were in the woods the rain eased off, which made it much nicer to finish the walk.

On account of my still not being 100% we walked it more slowly than last year (which mum didn't mind - she said I had frog-marched her round last year!) and it only took us ten minutes longer, and we weren't last either which was good!  Mum is already talking about where we'll do next years!  We did really well with raising money, with Mum raising a huge £450!  How good is that!


Jane said...

well done to both of you.

Sian said...

It's fantastic! Congratulations to you both

Alison said...

Well done both of you!