Thursday, 11 August 2011

The One About the Bird Table...

So a couple of weekends ago I went out to the shops to pick up a few bits and pieces, leaving M to fix the back gate.  Imagine my surprise when I got back and found he'd finished the back gate and was almost finished with a bird table!  Something that had never been discussed before had suddenly appeared!

I've never had a bird table before, because we've always had cats.  But M said we needed a bird table because I don't eat the ends of loaves of bread (and I'm getting through quite a lot of bread/toast at the moment - my stomach can cope with carbs at the moment!) and so it's still there in the back yard right outside my kitchen window.  I'm sure that you can sense my dissatisfaction with this new outdoor item.  I just don't like the idea of lots of birds flying about the yard and leaving birdy plops all over the place.  So, my plan is to get a cat, to scare the birds away!

I have wanted a kitten ever since I moved in (having left the two that were at mum's), and it has been quite a battle to convince M that we should have one.  Then, after we had done the pregnancy test M tells me that kind of puts a halt to the anniversary pressie he was getting me, a kitten!  We decided it was bad timing to get one now, especially as pregnant ladies aren't meant to clear out cat trays.  So I'm determined to get one after baby is born, maybe when he/she is 6 months old.

So what are everyone else's opinions, cats or birds?  And can they ever live harmoniously in a garden?


dogmatix said...

Its a pretty impressive bird table :). For me..neither! I am scared of birds and not a huge lover of cats. However, the boss is, so I know that eventually, if we ever move away from the 'big' road, one (or 2 I hear him shout!)will take up lodgings with us.
Hope u are feeling better :) x

Sian said...

The only birds we ever see in our garden are huge magpies, big enough to topple a bird table I think!

My Mum has two cats and two bird tables, so they live side by side quite happily in her garden. But I'm another one who isn't overly fond of birds, we stick to a ladybird house

Alison said...

Can't say I'm a lover of either..have never had a bird table, mainly for the reasons you have stated!
Alison xx

Ginger said...

I'm a fan of cats :) Kittens are very cute! But I think it's definitely wise to wait until after the baby is born... I will say two kittens are better than one... just sayin' :)