Sunday, 11 December 2011

The One About my Christmas Journal...

That's right, I have decided to take part in Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas this year, and have been doing a couple of pages each weekend.  This year I'm not numbering my pages, and I'm not going to do all of the prompts, because I think it would be just too much to take on.  So instead I'm making notes as the prompts arrive, and doing the pages that I'd like when I get the time (and when I'm not falling asleep - which last week I did tend to do every evening after my evening meal!)

So first up is my introductory page:

It reads:
'This Christmas...will be special as it will be our last one as a couple, as next year we'll be a family of 3!  Things will be different as I won't be drinking and I'll probably fall asleep at 8pm on Christmas Day!
Also this year we're having Christmas lunch at C & T's, who I haven't spent Christmas Day with since 2007 and M never has, so that will make it even more special.'


Sian said...

Enjoy your special Christmas Day. You are brining back memories of my Christmas before TTO arrived in February. I drove 20 miles to my inlaws, ate there, and then drove 70 miles to my Mum's for tea. I was exhausted!

Alison said...

A pre-baby JYC will be really interesting to look back on
Alison xx

Emily D. said...

Enjoy your Christmas before the new addition arrives! Congrats!! Love the page!!