Thursday, 24 May 2012

The One About Alissia at 16 weeks . . .

I thought it might be an idea to update on here because I still haven't managed to find the time to do any scrapping of Alissia photos, and I don't want to forget anything before I do get round to it!

So at 16 weeks:

Alissia went in her special baby carrier with her Daddy round the Trafford Centre, and particularly liked looking up at all the light fittings in the different home stores

Alissia is now sleeping in her cot at night in her own room, and generally is sleeping through until 6am

Alissia has grown out of the carry cot and is now going out in her big girl pram, and loves it, particularly resting her feet on the bar across her lap (which is the sort of thing her Daddy would do!)

We tried her in the Jumperoo!  She's still not sure about it, and doesn't tend to stay in longer than 10 minutes, but she's slowly learning to bounce!

Alissia is really good with her head control, and will go on her tummy more, especially if she is high up, like on our bed, just not on her playmat!

She's holding toys that we give her, and anything that she can grab is going into her mouth!  Bib included!

Oh and she's started with the teething, and so she drools all the time!  So now she just lives in her bibs!

And in other news a big thank you to Jane for my award, and I will be back another time to talk about that!


scrappyjacky said...

She's looking gorgeous.

Louise said...

beautiful photos she is growing up fast. enjoy x

Lynn said...

Wow 16 weeks! She is looking as cute as ever.

Jane said...

she is gorgeous xx

Alison said...

16 weeks already...and she is obviously thriving!!
Alison xx

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

isn't she gorgeous Gem, can't believe how quickly it's going.

Sue x