Monday, 4 May 2009

The One About Two CJ Entries, the deer and the May Day...

This afternoon I got out my scrapbook stash and completed two CJ entries. The first one was for a 'Disney' CJ which was good fun to do as I've not been to Disney World since I was about 7 and have no photos to scrap my own pages. Here it is:

The second entry was for a ladys CJ about her nephews visit to see them, so I chose to do my 8x8 inch page about the Kayaks that they went on:
I've had a really lovely weekend, on Saturday I went to the May Day Parade in Knutsford with my friends and waved madly at any of the brownies that were in it! I'm not sure that they'll be speaking to me at Brownies tomorrow! Then yesterday afternoon I went back to Dunham Massey Park with Mum, this time on a mission to phtograph some deer! I was quite disappointed though, I was expecting them to be in a herd (is it a herd of deer?) like they would have been at Tatton Park, but they weren't. They were dotted around the park in pairs, or on their own. I tried to get close to them to get some good photos, but they kept running away, and it was hard to sneak up on them as the twigs crackled under foot! Anyway, this is the best photo that I got:

This deer didn't mind me getting close, which was good, and it told me off when I turned around to photograph my mum! Its a shame my zoom on the camera didn't get any closer, I need to think about getting a zoom lens in the future!

I've decided that I'm going to try to upload photos that I take on here as well as the scrapping that I do. Thats why I've put more pics up today!


Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Love your CJ entries Gem.

Jane said...

love the cj pages Gem, good idea about the photos too x

Jane said...

Hi Gem, the stamp was a basic grey one I bought recently from papermaze, they had lots of new stamps on there, hope that helps x