Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The One About Getting my Creativity Back...

Yesterday, I actually used my craft space!  I got two more pages done for my Christmas Journal, and I am determined to get it finished even if I'm still doing it in the Spring!

The only problem is, after about an hour and a half, despite having my feet propped up on a stool under the desk my ankles and feet (and even my toes) balloon completely out of proportion.  So I'm having to scrap in short stints, then come downstairs and put ice on my feet!

But anyway, here are the pages:

One about the wrapping paper that we used this year:

Then one about a surprise card I got from one of the customers that I deal with at work:

The Inside of the card:

The hidden journalling:


mjmaterazo said...

love the idea about the wrapping paper! i'll have to remember that for next year. tfs!

Jo.C said...

Great idea to include the card - it will make sense with the journalling in years to come :0)

Alison said...

Great pages Gemma, but take it easy!
Alison xx