Thursday, 19 January 2012

The One About the Nursery...

So I thought it was time to share some photos of the new nursery furniture.  We had a bit of a to do with the furniture company about it, which was really quite stressful at the time.  We ordered the furniture at the start of September when we went to the Baby Show in the G-Mex in Manchester.  We arranged for the furniture to be delivered and assembled at the end of November so that it would give us time to clear the room, and decorate.  

My friend at work was expecting delivery of a new sofa suite, and hers didn't arrive when it was supposed to.  This set alarm bells ringing for me, so I decided to ring the furniture company to check everything was on track.  Imagine my surprise to find out that with a week to go before delivery they didn't have any of the furniture in stock, and weren't expecting it until January, and no one had rung us to confirm.  As we couldn't wait until January on the off chance that they might get it back in stock, the furniture company offered us a choice of a couple of other sets that were more expensive than we had paid, but they would foot the cost of the upgrade.  Well, the furniture we had originally ordered was pine, and the upgrade choices were either black or white.  So I rang them back, furious that they had our money and we weren't going to get the set that we wanted.  There was however another set listed that was pine wood, good quality that would fit far better with the style of our house.  So I rang up and insisted that as it was their problem, we wanted the more expensive wooden suite, and we wanted it on the same delivery date (as I had booked the day off).  Well after more haggling between me and the company they finally gave in and said we could have the suite we wanted, but we would have to pay an additional fee.  Considering that the furniture was worth about £700 more than what we had paid, and the wood is better quality than the original purchase, we actually did quite well out of it all.  I was furious at the time though, especially as if I hadn't called they wouldn't have told me the problem, and I would have wasted my one last day off before Christmas!

The collection is a set of cot, wardrobe, changing table, shelf, toy box and sliding (rocking) chair.  I've started putting everything away, with all the baby clothes being washed and put in the wardrobe, and all the nappies, wet wipes etc in the changing table unit.  We've even got the hospital bags packed!  Well considering I'm now 37 weeks plus 6 days it was about time!  I'm just waiting for Baby to arrive now, and I wish she would hurry up!

PS Thank you to Sian for pointing me in the direction of the following blog where I downloaded the template to arrange the photos in this way.


Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Nursery looks beautiful Gem, I only finished my JYC today and yes it's digi LOL...good luck with the birth and enjoy your rest whilst you can. Sue xxx

Jane said...

it all looks lovely Gem, just waiting for the little one to arrive xx

Sian said...

Now, this is an interesting one. Round here shops would deliver baby furniture before the baby is born if you leaned on them, but they wouldn't be so keen to deliver a pram. A daft superstition round here dictates that you can choose a pram, but not bring it home until you have that baby in your arms

Not long now - I'm getting excited :)

Alison said...

The furniture looks lovely...I'm getting very excited for you now!
Alison xx