Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The One About Alissia at 6 Months . . .

I can't believe that Alissia is 6 months old now, where has the time gone?  She's come along in leaps and bounds in the last couple of weeks (apart from the gastro bug that has now completely cleared thank goodness).

We've started weaning Alissia and rather than pureeing everything, we're going down the baby led route, where we just start her on solids and she feeds herself.  We had to stop while she got over her tummy bug, so we're going to start her on lunch and dinner this week if we can, and if I can fit it in round all our outings, the milk feeds and nap times!
Alissia's first taste of toast
 Alissia is so much more stable when she's on her tummy, and she's very rarely sick either now.  She sometimes rolls over too, from her tummy onto her back, and she always giggles after rolling.
I like being on my tummy!
 Alissia is also more stable when she sits up, she can't sit by herself yet, but can with the aid of cushions or someones legs!
I'm reading about nursery rhymes!
 In the last week I've started taking Alissia on the swings.  Our children's centre has a park attached to it and one of the swings is designed especially for babies, and looks a bit like a car seat, so she went in that for the first time the other day and really loved it.  Then last weekend she came on the swing with me.
Go faster Mummy!


Jane said...

she's gorgeous Gem x

Linda said...

Can't beleive she is 6 months already! Gosh where has the time gone? She's such a cutie:)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh my gosh - her eyes are beautiful! And I can see where she gets them.

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

blimey that has gfone quick, Gem your daughter is seriously gorgeous!!

Hugs from Sue and the Taylor hounds plus 1 xxx

Alison said...

6 months already Gem..what a little cutie!
Alison xx