Saturday, 4 August 2012

The One About My Scavenger Finds So Far . . .

Despite not having a great holiday, we did manage to have a couple of days out where I got some photos for Rhinda's scavenger hunt:

1. A Pier - one of the ones that I thought I'd have to make a special trip to get, but accidentally found when we took a slight detour on the way to the aquarium whilst on holiday.

3. A Border - I got a couple of pictures for this, but I'm going with the flower border as that's the first thing I thought of when I saw this entry in the list!

6. A Historical Landmark - I think Siezergh Castle counts for this!  We had a lovely peaceful morning there, just the three of us.

9. A Fountain - I was going to take a picture of the fountain at the Trafford Centre for this one, but then we came across this fountain whilst at the zoo on holiday.

10. A Horse - I actually got two pictures for this but the first one wasn't very good as it was taken through the car window.  The horse and its rider were coming towards us down the country lane, and as the road was quite narrow going under a bridge, Mark stopped the car to let it pass -and for me to take my photo!  The horses in the photo are from Lakeland Maize.

12. A Maze - we made a special trip for this one.  We were going to take a trip to Muncaster Castle but it was 90minutes drive away.  So when we saw a sign for Lakeland Maize we were intrigued, and went to investigate.  It seems a farmer had used his fields and animals to put together a tourist attraction, the main attraction being his maze made of maize!

17. A Church - Mark stopped the car so I could jump out and get this photo.  We saw some far pretties churches whilst we were away, but didn't get a chance to photograph them.

19.  An Outdoor Stairway - Siezergh Castle had a lovely outdoor stairway, plus can you spot anything else?!
With the movies poster already found, I make that nine entries so far.  So I've still got a way to go before finishing!  I still think the bride will be the tricky one!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Great job! These are all really lovely. I especially like the pier, the stairway and the horses. Don't forget to link your post up when you get a chance, so others can come enjoy them.
Thanks for joining in!

Jane said...

it's going well Gem, still plenty of time, I love the castle and the horse photo x

Kirsti said...

Oh I think my favourite one is the stairs...they are gorgeous....xx

Sian said...

I love the horse picture - that one in the front looks like he has a real twinkle in his eye!

Alison said...

Love the stairs..with the two little faces peeping through!Great pics Gem
Alison xx

Missus Wookie said...

Oh those stairs are lovely - glad you've joined in.

Wrightboysmum said...

Lovely photos. The pier is great.

Louise said...

you're doing well Gem x nice pics x

Anonymous said...

Love the stairs! Those are 2 really nice looking horses. I'm hoping for nice weather this weekend for a drive in the country & hopefully spot a horse or two.