Sunday, 23 November 2008

All shopped out

I think everybody had the same idea as us yesterday and went xmas shopping. There were people everywhere, and the queues in some places just horrendous, just not enough staff at the tills. I was very successful, only a couple of pressie left to sort out, which I can order online, or people are going to choose for themselves. I've even got the wrapping paper and tags sorted too. It was all 3 for 2 in Woolies and we were given such a huge carrier bag, and because I ws so exhausted by the time I got to BHS the bag bag was being dragged along the floor! It made mum laught anyway! Then we went off to Northwich to look at some little jewellery chops fr mum, to find that at 10 to 5 2 out of 3 of them were closed! I was so cross! Then the last one shut at 5! How stupid is that and on a Saturday evening too! Off to do some yoga now, then my friend is coming over to watch DVDs which will be fun!

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