Friday, 21 November 2008

End of week 2...

... and still loving it! Things that made no sense in my first couple of days, now do make sense, and I am slowly getting my new boss organised too!

Tasha is still doing just fine, she was a bit nervy yesterday evening but has been like her normal self today. Just hope the biopsy results come back clear. Only problem is Rosie has started hissing at her. Rosie never hisses at anyone, its so odd. Maybe Tasha smells like the vets still? Who knows... I just hope that they don't fall out forever, and it will pass.

Off to the shops again tomorrow, to get my xmas shopping sorted once and for all hopefully. Then that is it!! Hopefully get some time to craft on Sunday, in between moving furniture about from my room due to the electrician coming to fit a new light. Its going to be chaos in my room, my dressing table and wardrobe and probably the bookshelf too all need to be emptied out and moved elsewhere.

Tonight I'm going to be catching up on all the CSI episodes that we've taped and I haven't got round to watching yet, I've got a big stack of tapes!

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