Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Poor little Tasha...

One of our cats has had to go to the Vets tonight. Both cats had vaccines a week and a half ago, and Tasha had a really bad reaction to hers, and pulled all the hair out, and scratched it raw. So we took her for a visit where we were given some cream and it didn't work. So mum took her back tonight, and it seems that its turned into a lump :( Shes got to go back tomorrow for a biopsy. We're just hoping that the lump goes away by itself and isn't anything serious underlying it. She seems ok in herself which is a good sign. Poor little thing howled all the way there and all the way back according to Mum.

Oh and stuff what I said about only putting craft stuff on here, I'm going to put what I like, and nevermind my old work. There was a good reason that I left, and they were all totally unprofessional and unreasonable. I just hope that the place is falling apart without me, and it makes them realise exactly how much I did for them.

My new job on the other hand is great! The office is lovely and bright, and I'm in charge of the heating control (big plus - as I'm always cold!) and I'm learning such a lot, and enjoying it too. I don't have that feeling of dread when I get up in the mornings anymore, or count down the days until the weekend. And this weekend, I'm even going to do some studying for it so that I get things straight in my head, because some of it is backwards, the accountants out there will know what I mean! Bye for now x

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secret scrapbooker said...

Poor kitty.Ive had to take one of my cats to the vets today some horrible creature bit his foot and its all swollen and infected.
still a couple of jabs and some anti-biotics and it should be fine :)