Sunday, 7 December 2008

Worthing CJ

This weekend I have managed to sit down and finish the CJ (known in our house as a round robin!) that I started a couple of weekends ago. Hopefully I'll get the next one within the next 14 days so that it misses the Christmas post. Here are a couple of photos of what I did:
The pages above are what you see first, then there is a flap on the left that lifts up with the ribbon, to reveal the pages below:

Other news this week is that I had an email for the SI team who are going to print a letter that I sent them a few weeks ago along with some pics of a mini book I made. How excited was I??? They've even said that they're going to send me a prize, I couldn't believe it!

Tasha is doing a lot better now. Shes had her stitches out, and has stopped scratching, and her fur is beginning to grow back. So we're very relieved that there was nothing more serious going on. Horrible company that made the dodgy vaccination though :(

As people know, I have been frozen at work this past week, and when I get cold I never get warm again. So I've got thermals to wear!!! Hopefully will be a lot warmer tomorrow! The job is still going really well, I'm learning a lot and am enjoying it too.

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Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

This looks gorgeous Gem and huge congratulations on getting your letter published in SI.