Sunday, 14 December 2008

My first six pages...

So I made a start on my Christmas Journal, and have completed the first six pages. I did start on a smaller scale but found that I couldn't fit everything I wanted onto one page, so I put two pages in the bin and started again using the 8x8 inch format. And I'm quite pleased with the way that they have turned out. I know I'm miles behind still, about a week in fact, but I can try to catch up next weekend, or over the christmas break. Here they are:

Can you believe what happened in the strictly semi final results show last night? I don't believe that it was a fix like the papers were suggesting, but I do think that its unfair the way that they all automatically got put through. I think that the BBC should have disregarded the judges scores and just gone with the public vote, and whoever scored the lowest should have gone home, without the dance off happening. The girls were by far better than Tom, and I hope one of them wins it next week.

Our Christmas tree has gone up today! Hopefully Robert will put the rest of the decorations up while mum and I are at work tomorrow.

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Jane said...

great pages for your journal Gem.
I agree about strictly although I think Tom was the favourite with the public so he would have gone through. It has been a total mess this year,too much power given to the judges!!