Thursday, 22 September 2011

The One About Ladies Circle...

Before I moved in with M, I was a member of my local Ladies Circle.  This is a national organisation for women aged between (I think) 18 and 44, to get together fortnightly to try new things and to generally meet like minded people without men!  Their website will explain it all far better than I do, although I cannot seem to get on their website at the moment, but I promise they do have one!

Well, last year we would meet on the first Monday of the month for an arranged outing of some sort, like a spa treatment, evening with a handwriting expert or a meal, then on the third Monday of the month whoever was free would go to the pub for a drink.  It was always the same pub at the same time, although it was never guaranteed that anyone else would be there!  Well when I moved in with M, it was too far to drive on a week night, and I decided it would be best to switch to a more local one.  Unfortunately the local Circle met on a Thursday night which clashed with salsa class.

Fast forward a year, where I'm pregnant and unable to do any sort of spinning! and so I looked up the Thursday night circle again and decided to give it a try.  The first meeting was a little daunting, driving to a pub for a quiz which seemed as though it was in the middle of nowhere, and meeting people that you didn't have a clue what they looked like!  Luckily I had one of the ladies mobile numbers and they met me at the door, especially as the pub was so packed I would never have found them!  We did quite well with our quiz, getting 41 out of 50, and I was invited along to the next evening, two weeks later, which was a short walk near one of the ladies homes followed by a chinese take away.  It's nice that being part of Ladies Circle, you're instantly made to feel welcome.  Up till then I hadn't really done any exercise since about week 5,  but was told it would be a gentle walk, and with one of the other ladies being pregnant too I figures it would be ok.  How wrong was I?!!!  The others literally frog marched their way along, and there was lots of hills & cobbles to contend with!  I was very shortly out of breath!  Despite all this I had a lovely chinese and got to know the ladies a bit better.

Hoever, the next day I got home from work, and shortly after getting into my comfy slobbing on the sofa clothes I noticed that my ankles had swollen up, a lot!

And actually they were quite painful.  On advice from the internet I laid on the sofa all evening with my feet propped up on cushions, and M gave them a rub for me, which helped.  So that lovely walk that I did gave me swollen feet.  I didn't think I would be getting swollen ankles yet this early in the pregnancy, at week 19, so any advice would be great!  Unfortunately its happened again today - which is what prompted me to write this post, and I might give the midwife a call tomorrow.  Luckily I have got tomorrow booked off, so if I have to I can spend the day with my feet up!


Sian said...

Yes, I think you probably should check in with the midwife just to be sure :)

Thanks for your lovely comment on my post. Much appreciated

Alison said...

how are the swollen ankles today, Gemma?
Alison xx

Ginger said...

I hope you have found relief, they certainly are swollen here :)