Saturday, 16 June 2012

The One About Friday . . .

After all the gadding about we've done this week I decided we would spend the morning at home, with no rushing about.  I hardly took any photos yesterday, well I think my mum friends have decided I'm a bit odd taking photos all day, plus it's difficult to take photos when there are other babies around that we don't know, and we'd need their permission to post photos.  Anyway we were that lazy, I didn't get dressed until 11am!  Alissia watched some CBeebies and had a nap, and I caught up on reading blogs.  After some lunch we were ready to go out to music class, which is put on by a company called Rhythm Time.  The class has just been taken over by a different lady and I don't think it's a good as before.  There's a lot of the teacher singing by herself rather than listening to tunes on the stereo and us all singing along.  We've only got another 4 sessions then thats it for the summer, so we'll have to see whether we go back in September (well we'll only be able to go if I can get flexible work from home one day a week - which I must get myself in gear and apply for asap!)

After music class we met up with my friend Evelyn and her little boy Conor for tea and cake, at Applewood Farm pub.  Although I was very good and didn't have any cake.  You should have seen the size and selection of cakes though, they were all in this glass case and it took a lot of will power to avoid it!  I've decided I've been eating too much cake and chocolate and it's time to diet.  I want to get back into my regular jeans again, plus we're having a naming ceremony for Alissia in September and I want to look nice in my outfit, and not feel uncomfortable and frumpy which is how I always feel at the moment :( Anyway, the pub was really good for children as they had a designated area for kids to play in, and whilst I was feeding Alissia I realised they're put toys and streamers on the ceiling too, because Alissia kept looking up at them!

Anyway at about half 3 we decided to head home because both babies needed naps, and were more likely to go off in the car.  Alissia was asleep as I turned the corner out onto the main road, so I decided to take a detour home, so we went on a magical mystery tour (so called because I knew vaguely where I was going, but not exactly, I only had to turn round the once!  We used to go on lots of magical mystery tours with my mum when we were little!)

Last night we went out for a drink with Marks friends, Mark needed cheering up as work is a bit rubbish for him at the moment, so I thought it might be nice.  Plus I knew that once Alissia was asleep she'd stay asleep until the early hours.  I had my first drink since being pregnant, and it went straight to my head, so I only had the one!  I'm very glad I didn't have any more because when we got up at 3am with Alissia I felt quite sick - I'm just not used to drinking anymore.  Or to the late nights, I was ready to come home at 10pm!  But we stayed out longer, and had a lovely time.  I'm sure that I'll suffer for it today though & fall asleep on the sofa early this evening!

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Alison said...

Glad you got out for some R&R last night...and you don't look the least bit frumpy in that pic!
Alison xx