Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The One About Wednesday . . .

So last night, or rather very early this morning, we got woken up at 1:50am.  Surprisingly having to get up at this time for a feed then go back to sleep till 7:30am worked better for me than the 5:30am feeds.  I felt much better and was up and ready on time today!  (Well we were ever so slightly late because someone decided to do a smelly nappy just as we were about to leave the house!)  I wish I knew why Alissia has decided to go from 5 feeds a day and sleeping through to getting up in the night for the fifth feed.  Nevermind, we've just got to go with how she feels!

Today was the first day of a new baby group that they've set up because we'd all complained about the lack of classes for our baby age group at the children's centre.  There was a class on Thursdays but they've decided to limit the numbers and run it in 6 week blocks, so basically we have to wait for our names to come up in the list before we can go to that.  So it's just as well we have found the Tuesday baby yoga class, and go to music class on Friday's otherwise we'd have nowhere to go! Anyway, there was no set plan for the new group, so we get to choose.  I think they're going to do something different each week, with one a baby sensory class, and some nursery rhymes another week.  It should be good! Oh and they'd brought lots of toys down for today, but we'd been there long enough for the hello song then Alissia went to sleep!  Unfortunately my phone decided to die while at the class so I had to ask my friend to take a picture for me!

I'm also having problems with my point and click camera, I'll upload the pictures I took this morning, and if anyone has any advice I'd be really grateful!  I've tried it on every setting possible, both indoors and out, and all the pictures are just coming out too white.  The ones below are what I took when we all went out for coffee and cake after the baby class.  I've made some really good mummy friends over the last couple of months and it's nice to go out and have a proper natter!  Unfortunately I didn't get any cake because Alissia wanted a feed! (I made up for this later on!)
I can't work out why the photos are so bright, or why there are lines across???  Is there something wrong with my camera??

Mark was on a half day today because he wanted to give blood, so after we'd had lunch, and Alissia had a sleep, we went out for a walk for some cake!
Note the new pink hoody from Monday!  I wish Alissia's bald patch would go!

Mark had Alissia in the baby carrier because he much prefers that than pushing the pram!

After the walk Alissia fell asleep on Mark so I got to do some scrapping - yey!  I'm hoping to finish my Christmas Journal (I know it's June and I'm still working on it!), I did the last two pages this afternoon, and this evening I just need to do a front cover (while Mark is off out at the cinema with the boys, watching Prometheus, something I really didn't want to watch given I really hated the Alien movies), then I'm all set to start on Alissia pages, which is what I've been wanting to do for so long now!  If I get finished I'll put photos up tomorrow!


Louise said...

sorry can't help you with the camera - hope you manage to sort it out. Enjoy your scrapbook evening x

scrappyjacky said...

Don't worry about the bald patch...the hair soon grows again.
She's looking really cute.

Alison said...

My camera went like that after I had dropped it one too many times, and I ended up buying a new one! Am really enjoying the little sneak peak of what you and Alissia get up to!
Alison xx

Unknown said...

Not sure re your camera either, it may be the censor depending how old it is. Unfortunately they don't last that long on some makes!