Thursday, 14 June 2012

The One About Thursday (And Last Night's Scrapping!) . . .

So I'll start with the scrapping from last night, I actually finished my Christmas Journal!  I still can't quite believe it because it's been on the go for so long.  But I've got so many unfinished projects that I was determined to finish this before starting any Alissia LO's.  So I've done Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, and the front cover.  Not all last night - over the last week, but finally completed it all last night!  Hurray!
Front Cover
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
New Year's Eve
Extra photos under the flap
So back to today ... this morning I went to my pilates class at Tyldesley Community college.  It's the one hour a week I get some time to myself, the rest of the week I'm Mummy!  It's certainly helped to tone up my muscles, and my abs, but I've not lost any weight (but that might be due to the cake that we eat!).  Alissia is looked after by her Grandad whilst I'm out, and she loves it, he always does lots of different things with her, playing with different toys, and doing flash cards and things!

Watching the fans on the ceiling before her sleep

After the class, we went for lunch with Grandad to Frankie & Bennies, which was very yummy, but I have since realised that I need to order meals that can be eaten one handed now, and spag bol is just not one of those meals!  Alissia was shattered and needed a sleep but wouldn't go off unless I kept rocking the pram, hence one handed eating!

We'd come out to a retail park, with the intention of looking at travel cots for our holiday to the Lake District at the end of July.  After quick visits to Asda and M&S, we ended up in the toy shop Smyths, because they have a baby section upstairs.  Well I couldn't make my mind up about the travel cots, but we picked a large playmat, and then I looked at the high chairs (because that's what I've been doing for the last month), and one of them was half price and was exactly what we needed.  Whilst looking at the highchairs Alissia decided to scream for a feed, and I mean proper scream, so what did I do?  I asked for a chair and fed her right in the toy shop!  We were in there for an hour!  But we did get the highchair, and it was a good job too because it was the last one in stock.
Our new highchair - not that we'll be using it till the start of August once Alissia is 6months old.  We've decided to go down the Baby Led Weaning route - I'm already looking forward to the mess!
Back home, and Alissia seemed to like her new mat, now I just need to encourage her to start rolling!  Tonight dinner was cooked for me, which was nice, bangers & mash!  And now it's time to work on the invites for Alissia's Naming Ceremony, and chilling in front of the TV.


Alison said...

Congrats on getting JYC completed! Glad to hear you are having a little 'Gemma' time
Alison xx

Louise said...

well done on completing your jyc, it looks lovely too. Sounds like an eventful day x

Sian said...

Well done on getting that album done - it was always going to be a special one and it has turned out perfectly.

Ginger said...

You will love that you finished that album and be able to go back and look at it whenever you like. Happy you managed to get some scrappy time in!