Thursday, 1 January 2009

The One About 1st January

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

After seeing the article in my magazine I have decided to take part in the 'take a photo a day for 2009' with the intention to document my life in pictures. I'm sure that I will soon get used to my camera going everywhere with me! Here is a link for more info about it: I'm hoping to improve my photography skills too, as at the moment I am still using my fab SLR as a point and shoot, which is not really being used to its full potential!

Anyway below is todays picture:

As I haven't been anywhere today I thought a picture of Tasha would be good, as she looked so cute and its one of her favourite sleeping places at the moment. She likes to keep me company in my room, and has found that if she lies on the windowsill while hanging over the edge she gets to keep warm from the radiator underneath!

I've been doing lots of LO's for my Christmas Journal today, am up to December the 17th! So many more to do! I'll post pictures another day when the light is better.

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