Monday, 27 June 2011

The One About Glee.....

Finally the night we were to see Glee came around!  M bought us tickets as part of my Christmas pressie, and after waiting all this time we got to go!  We both took Wednesday afternoon off so that we would have time to get ready and catch the train.  I twirled my hair - although we didn't really take any photos of us, so I can't show you.  We got to Manchester and had a lovely meal at Pizza Express.  Then because we had some time to spare did a little shopping - I couldn't believe that the shops in Manchester were open past 5:30pm!

Then it was time to go and find our seats with our friends.  We'd been sat there a good ten minutes when this lady and her little son came over to our friends and it looked like they had been sold duplicate tickets, as the seat numbers were the same.  So our friends had to go with the lady to the officials with their tickets to get it all checked out.  All the time we were wondering whether someone else was going to try and claim our seats too as all the seats had been booked at the same time.  Well our friends came back and said her ticket had scanned through fine as it was a legitimate ticket, and the lady's ticket hadn't.  It turned out she had bought two fake tickets from ebay.

Not long after the warm up show came on, who were a dance troop that was a bit like street dancing.  I wasn't completely over awed by it but, there was one guy that stood out who was doing continuous back flips on just one leg - all I thought was wow!  Then we waited for the much anticipated glee club to come on.  And wait, and wait.  We spotted a couple of famous people in the audience from Corrie, Sean the gay one, and Becky - I don't really watch Corrie, but there were loads of people who kept going up for photos and signatures!  Those poor people who just came out for a night out!

Then some cheerleaders and football players came out in the high school colours from Glee, giving out what turned out later to be Barf bags!  It was nearly an hour before Glee actually came on, and just before they did, the guy that must have been the manager of the MEN Arena came on.  He explained that they were having a problem with the lights!  What should have been a simple press the button the computer and all the lights go off, just wasn't happening - so to stop delaying the show any further he's made the decision that they were going to manually turn the lights off one by one by going up high into  the rafters! They got quite a cheer as the lights gradually went down!

The show opened naturally with Don't Stop Believin' with everyone dressed in matching outfits.  There were solo numbers, there was a VT with Mr Shue and coach Sylvestor, Brittany did her Brittany Spears song, and it was just fab!  The photos we took on the phones just didn't come out at all so I have a couple off the internet:

Photo courtesy of eyeprime

Photo courtesy of eyeprime


furrypig said...

I saw Glee at the O2 in London on Saturday and I loved it! A real feel good show and what fantastic singers they are live! I really loved the Warblers. So glad to hear you had a fab time too xxx

Alison said...

Sounds like a fab night out! I do feel sorry for the poor lady who was sold illegitimate tickets on bad must she have felt?
Alison xx

Lisa-Jane said...

OMG! I am so jealous!

Ginger said...

What a great night out for you! I haven't watched the show so much, but it sure is loved by many and I'm happy you were able to see it (with legitimate tickets of course :)