Saturday, 4 June 2011

The One About my First Use of the Craft Area...

Last night I actually got to scrap at my new scrap desk!  It was so much better for my back, I had a TV right there, and I had plenty of space to spread out!  As I said in yesterdays post I can't really put everything away where I want it yet as there is still painting to be done.  Today the ceiling has had a coat of white paint, but it has dried patchy and will need another coat.  So until all that is done I'm not risking my scrap stuff getting paint drops on it!  For now I will have to pack everything up when I have finished!

Last night I finished off the LO I started last weekend, and which I got no where with.  I was inspired by Shimelle's May 4x6 class where she uses 5 photos.  As soon as I saw the layout for this month I thought I could use that for my photos from last weekend.  Although I had 5 photos printed out, they weren't 6x4 they were all slightly different, but I think it still looks ok :)

After realising last weekend that I have a huge amount of brads, I decided to start using them up, and use more than just one or two on a LO!

At the moment when I scrap I'm having issues with my journalling.  I'm trying to put more journalling on my pages at the moment, but struggling with how to do it.  Sometimes I do journalling strips, and other times I write directly on the card, but this doesn't always work if I'm using lots of patterned papers.  If anyone has any ideas for how to do large amounts of journalling on their LO's I would really appreciate it.  Leave a link to any of your own LO's in the comments section if you have any that would help.  I would really appreciate it!

Don't forget that as tomorrow is the first Sunday of the month, then its Storytelling Sunday over on Sian's blog.  I've written my story and it's all ready to go in the morning.  I'm warning you now, you will probably think the story a little weird!  Bit it came about from a conversation with M the other day, and I just thought, that could be my story for this month!  You'll see!!!

Oh and for anyone who is interested, my books for studying arrived today, but still no sign of my stash order.  So I'm getting further behind with my Document 2011 that I wanted to start last weekend!


Miss Smith said...

I love your page and I think the journalling looks great!

I love to include lots of hand written journalling on my pages and often find that, if I don't think about it from the start, there's no space. I that's where I usually begin - where are my photos and journalling going to go and then build around that. Ruling lines can sometimes help make that space, and I like to write the journalling first so that I can see how much space I need. Don't know about linking to particular pages - it depends what you want - but you're welcome to check out mine :D

Not sure if any of that is helpful but I say go for it! And congrats on the craft room! *jealous*

Alison said...

If I'm wanting to write a lot and there's just no way my handwriting's going to do it, I use Microsoft Word. Just find a font you like can either print directly on to cardstock, or sometimes I print on vellum and use brads to attach it(another way to use them up!). Love your page and the scraproom looks fab!
Alison xx

Lisa-Jane said...
This was my version of that sketch and I loved that it didn't look cluttered even with lots of journalling and 5 photos. I don't think I put enough journalling on generally and I'm trying to tackle that too but sometimes I just use a photo because one of the kids looks cute in it! Using paper with lines or grids definitely worked for me here though.