Friday, 3 June 2011

The One About my Busy Week...

Since last weekend I just haven't stopped!  The weekend itself was a bit of a let down after the no-show of my new stash, (still missing in the post somewhere - not impressed) but it picked up after a trip to Hobbycraft on Monday.  I picked up a little plastic box thats divided into little sections that I thought would be perfect for my brads.  (If I'd had any sense I would have bought one for my buttons too, but I can always go back!)

The reason for buying new storage for my stash.... the construction of the craft area is complete!!!!!  So when I've finished this post I'm gonna head on up and try to create a LO!  There are still some other bits and pieces that are needed to the room, so my stash isn't moving up there quite yet.  For one thing, the ceiling needs painting, and I don't really want my stash underneath it with paint about!  But, I'm trying to get storage sorted and I need to get some curtains too.  At the moment there is only one lamp, so it gets quite dark.  M has promised me that he will put lovely bright spot lights in so fingers crossed that will be done next weekend (he's away on a stag do this weekend).

Tuesday night was my regular aerobics night, and by the time the class had finished, I'd showered, we'd eaten, I was just too shattered to even turn the laptop on :(  This week I've just been so tired, and I don't know why, I'm not getting less sleep than normal, and work hasn't been too taxing.  Hopefully after a rest this weekend I'll perk up again :)

Wednesday night we went to the cinema to see the new X-Men movie First class.  We've watched the first three movies over the last three weeks so I actually had a good idea about the background to the characters and things (I generally forget things, I'm well known for it!  The other night M put on an episode of something from its 6th series.  I haven't even watched the first series yet, so he said by the time I got round to watching the episode in the 6th series, I would have forgotten all about it - which is completely true.  Its why I can re-watch Midsomer Murders!)  The movie was fab, and is well worth a watch.  I'm really enjoying watching the Marvel inspired movies.  And given that M has read the comics since he was young, he can give me the background to all of the characters.  He also collects their models (but thats a completely other post!)

Last night we took a trip to IKEA.  Now that the craft area construction was complete I wanted to get some more storage, starting with glass jars for my ribbons.  I originally wanted the sort with a glass lid, and the clasp that buckels over the other bit.

But I struggled to do them up afterwards, so I've gone for ones with little silver lids instead.

Because we got back so late, I haven't had a chance to wash them out, or sort the ribbons out yet.  Another job for tomorrow!  I also needed some baskets/boxes to out things in the cubby holes.  But everything that we saw was too tall for the cubby holes, and I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do just yet.  So by the time we got home, it was about half eight and again I was tired, and hungry, not having had any dinner yet (if I go too long without being fed I get really cranky!  Combine that with not finding baskets at IKEA, and I was in a foul mood!)  Oh but I soon cheered up after watching The Apprentice!  Is anyone else watching it?? We're having a little bet between ourselves about which two will be in the final, I chose Melody & Leon.  M has gone for Jim (I really don't think him a good choice after this weeks session in the board room!) and Thomas.  So... does anyone else want to join in with a prediction???


Jane said...

I'm very jealous Gem! I love those films too and my son collects all the comics, I don't think he will ever grow up.

Jo.C said...

I can't remember the names properly yet - but I do agree Jim looks to be out on his ear if Lord Sugar gets his way :0)
Have fun x

Jo.C said...

They were at Sunderland Stadium of Light, the football club. I have never seen a concert like it. Amazing :0)

WendyB said...

You've reminded that I want to see that movie - not hubby's thing though so I'll have to persuade the girls. Love the jars, we've got both types in use in various guises around here. There's no 'learning stuff' on the photo challenge just prompts to make you get your camera out. Hope you're not feeling too tired over the weekend.

Sian said...

I love the little jars too - mind you the price does start to add up if you buy a few at a time doesn't it?!