Thursday, 27 October 2011

The One About My Friend's New Arrival...

My friend J, that I know from my previous job was pregnant when I switched jobs back in May.  Well, she was due on 4th October, and guess what... she actually had him on her due date!  Her first son was only a day early.  So she's done very well both times.  Last weekend M and I went to visit her and her family, to catch up and to meet the little one.

I had a long cuddle with little J, until I had to move to visit the loo!  He fell asleep in my arms as he had just been fed when we got there and he seemed quite comfortable lying on my bump.  He kept it nice and warm for me!  He woke up about an hour and a half later and I had a second cuddle, and this time because he was wriggling about my baby in my bump started kicking too!  It was very strange, but nice too :)

In other news the nursery is in process of being put together.  The room was emptied last weekend, ready for the plasterers this weekend.  Then it'll need painting, then the carpet.  And its all got to be done by 28th Nov as thats when the baby furniture is being delivered!  Oh and if you're wondering, all the stuff out of the baby's room is now in the dining room, completely chockablock, and I can't get at anything!

M has practically finished the bannister, there wasn't one there before and the stairs were completely open, which is fine for us as we've been used to it, but visitors never felt too safe.  Anyway there are just a couple of spindles to go in, and the varnishing to do but its very nearly there.  Oh and I remembered to take before and after photos, so that'll be something else I will report on soon!

This weekend M is taking me away for the weekend as it's my 30th next Wednesday.  He thought it would be nice for us to go away one last time before the baby arrives, especially as we haven't been away since getting stranded in Madeira a year ago April.  We're off to the Lake District, and I intend to take lots of lovely photos, and write a long blog post that is about something other than baby!

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Alison said...

Lovely pic....hope you have a lovely time in the Lake District...sounds as though you are keeping M busy!
Alison xx