Monday, 3 October 2011

The One About Names of First Pets.....

A couple of weeks ago M & I were watching All Star Mr & Mrs with Fern and Philip.  You know the one with famous couples that have to answer questions about each other.  Well one of the questions was 'what was the name of your partners first pet?' And this sparked off a whole conversation that lasted all evening.

Well I remembered that M's cats were called Frank & Toby, but M couldn't remember what my cats were called that we had when I was younger.  He was able to name the ones that are still at my mum's now, but then thats easy because we see them every couple of weeks, and anyway they weren't the first pet.  My sister and I got a kitten each when I was about 6 and she was 4.

So then we started a guessing game.  M likes guessing games, particularly if you give clues.  So after a few clues, he got the names of my sisters kitten, 'Poppy.'  But the name of my kitten was far more tricky, there weren't actually many clues you could give.  So this is where the story came out about how we came up with the names for our kittens.  My sister named hers after a character on the Playbus.  So then I decided to name my kitten after a TV character too.  Mine was a boy kitten, which may have helped give you a clue with guessing the name, and bearing in mind I was 6 in 1987/88, that would give you an idea of what TV programmes we would have been watching.  Then, then name started with an 'M', and he was named after a dragon..... in Puddle Lane.

Well needless to say M never guessed the name of the kitten because after doing a search on the internet it turned out that the dragon in Puddle Lane is called Toby! (How weird is that, as that was the name of M's cat), so the name of my kitten was 'Muffin' - gold star if you got it.  And since that evening, I now have no idea where the name came from?

This story was written as part os Sian's storytelling Sunday, (a day late, sorry) so make sure you pop over to read all the other stories!


furrypig said...

animals names are funny! I think children are hilarious when trying to decide what to call their pets. We got a kitten and Dd was 4 and she chose the name Tinkerbell. Unfortunately it was a boy so he has been called Tinker ever since!

Lynn said...

Our first dog was called Jenny but I have no idea why! Have to ask mum why. Great story.

Sian said...

Guess what!! I had a white kitten with a grey tip on his tail - called Muffin! He was our second cat. The first was a ginger one we thought was a girl, so was Marigold. Then we found out he was a boy and had to change it to Marcus.

Great story, thanks for adding it in!

Jimjams said...

LOL - how funny that you got it wrong!! I wonder if the name comes from Raggamuffin (from the Raggy Dolls) which was on at around the same time (and also narrated by Neil Innes)???

My first pet was a budgie named Tarzan!