Monday, 10 October 2011

The One About Ten TV Shows....

So it's the tenth of the month and I thought this month I would share my favourite TV shows at the moment (but not in any particular order):

1 Strictly Come Dancing - how could you not love all those sparkly outfits!  Although I could do without Bruce he drives me mad!

2 Spooks - with so many twists in the story it always keeps me interested - although sometimes I do need it explaining to me!

3 Downton Abbey - any historical drama that comes on and I'm in.  I don't know why I love it because I know I couldn't live like they do, with the women not having jobs and just looking for a husband, but I'm impressed with the way the two younger sisters are wanting to be useful now that the war is on.

4 Strikeback - One to watch from Sky, with the idea for the first series coming from a book by Chris Ryan.  A secret division on the army (a bit like MI6) but they go off into far off countries to try to stop terrorist attacks.  Oh and its just got even better as there seems to be a mole in their camp!

5 Glee - Watching this makes me want to join a dance troop or something (although perhaps after baby is born, I'm not up to anything too energetic at the moment!) And it never fails to cheer me up.

6 Waterloo Road - I've been a keen fan of this right from the very first episode and have watched all the changes of head teachers.  I don't think its as good as when Jill  Halfpenny was in it though - that was the best series.

7 Holby City - This has been going that long that I can't even remember if it was originally a spin off from Casualty (although I have long ago gone off Casualty).  The underlying stories in it and particularly good, especially the one about the plastics department at the moment.  I try not to watch it when I eat my dinner though as there is always gory operating table bits in it!

8 CSI Miami - yes I know that sometimes M says the storyline is a little bit unbelievable & some of the science that they do in the lab isn't true to life, but it keeps me hooked right to the end as I never guess who's done it!

9 Castle - this is our bedtime TV show, and at the moment one 40minute episode can last three days because I fall asleep!  It's about a crime writer shadowing a police woman, and all the murders that they solve.

10 Fringe - two parallel worlds and lots of strange happenings!

It seems I'm spending a lot of time in the TV at the moment, keeping my ankles up and generally not doing very much at all.  Whoever said that you get your energy back in the second trimester was telling porkies!


Lynn said...

So of my faves in there too. Enjoy the rest while you can!!

Jane said...

We have similar tastes Gem, love all those shows apart from I've never seen Glee, it's a must watch show in Jenny's house though!

WendyB said...

Great list, we don't have Sky anymore so some of them are completely new to me. Spooks is my favourite, i just wish they didn't keep killing off the characters I like!

Sian said...

Keeping your ankles up is the perfect reason for a bit of TV! We don't have Sky, but we do enjoy Holby - after avoiding it for years, don't know why!

Alison said...

Watching TV is the perfect occupation when keeping your ankles up! I caught 'Strictly' over the weekend, and know I'll be hooked as always!
Alison xx

Jo.C said...

I agree with you about strictly and a couple of others are already my faves but haven't seen quite a lot of them - may have to watch some for purely research reasons of course.

Ginger said...

Many of those I have not seen but sound interesting, but we do watch Castle and I love Fringe :) Great idea for a ten on the 10th!

Miss Smith said...

Yay - Downton!

Ditto Glee!

And the rest I'm going to look out for as future recommendations :D