Saturday, 16 June 2012

The One About Saturday . . .

Today has been good, because Mark has been home, and because Alissia has been having better daytime naps and feeds.  We've worked out that the eczema has spread to her eyes and has been irritating her, but that Calpol helps settle this.  We've got an appointment with the doctors on Monday for her because I don't really like giving her Calpol so often, and the creams aren't working.

So back to today . . . Our local Surestart Centre put on a special event this morning as it's Father's Day tomorrow.  Really it was for older children, but we didn't make it until 11am because Alissia had a long nap so it didn't matter too much.  We made a card by inking Alissia's feet and stamping them on, and we made a 'World's Best Dad' certificate.  Now I didn't know what the event was going to be like at all so we brought Mark with us, well I thought it would be nice for him to do something nice with Alissia other than going to Tesco!  We all had a lovely time, and poor Alissia was shattered by the end!

Once Mark and I'd had lunch (from Subway - well there was nothing in the fridge and the weekly shop wasn't scheduled till this afternoon) we took Alissia to the library.  Really it was so that Mark could look at some design magazines, but whilst he did that Alissia and I read some stories.

Then came the boring weekly shop.  Every Saturday I make a meal plan for what we're going to eat every night in the week, then buy everything in for the meals.  Because I refuse to go to Tesco every day!  Plus it makes more sense this way, I know that if I didn't have anything in to cook, I'd probably just turn to a take away!  We've been doing it this way pretty much ever since I moved in, I used to do the shop on my own, but now that we have Alissia Mark comes too, or if Mark is busy working on the house I take Mark's Dad.  So how does everyone else plan their week of meals?  Oooh and does anyone want to share what they have - and give me ideas for meals?  I'm always on the look-out for new ideas!

So we came home, and Alissia and I chilled until bathtime, whilst Mark went to the Trafford Centre to get a new charger cable for the laptop.  It's been steadily getting worse all week, to the point that the laptop was about to die and had no way of charging it.  I've only been without it for a day, but have felt completely lost.  It's made me realise how much I actually use the internet to check things!  Who else would be lost without their laptop/PC?  Anyway, Mark is currently making homemade curry, and we're hopefully going to watch a movie this evening, and then an early night to make up for last night!  (We'd been asleep an hour when someone got up, and woke me up to tell me they were going to the toilet, and then doesn't even remember it today!)  Fingers crossed we have a better night tonight!  And tomorrow will be the last instalment of my Week in the Life, I hope people have been enjoying reading what we get up to!


Jane said...

sounds like you had a good day Gem. I try to do a weekly menu too as it keeps the money down and helps for a healthier week, that's the plan anyway!!

Sian said...

I loathe meal planning - been doing it for so long now you'd think it would be second nature, but I hate it! I'm always looking for new ideas and have found buying a slow cooker and planning meals for it to be a help.

Happy first Father's Day!

Alison said...

Because I'm on my own so much, I really struggle with meal-planning when anyone else is here!
Alison xx