Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The One About Tuesday . . .

Today we were woken again at 5:30am, and because of the time, Mark fed Alissia so that I could go back to bed.  At that time of the morning he would rather stay up because if he goes back to sleep he tends to feel worse for it.  So, I'd rung up yesterday afternoon to see if we could book a place on a baby yoga class this morning at 10am.  I hadn't heard back yesterday, but thought I'd best get up just in case we got a call this morning.  So I set my alarm for 7:30am, but stupidly turned it off and went back to sleep until Alissia woke me at 8:15am!  First thing I had to deal with was her smelly nappy and get her dressed.  Then at 8:30am I get a call to say I'd got a place on the class and they would see me later.  Major panic! Alissia to feed, me to eat breakfast, have a shower & wash my hair.  Well there wasn't enough time for all of that, I had to forego washing my hair and just jump in and out of the shower in record time!  I put pigtails in and hoped that no-one would notice about my hair!

We got to baby yoga right on time and had a lovely time.  We sang songs, learnt three yoga moves (which were really little exercises for the babies) heard a story that used the yoga moves and other actions, and played with lots of sensory toys.

 And afterwards, Alissia slept for well over an hour, which is unheard of for her!  The sat nav got me to the class just fine.  Coming home was another matter!  At one point it wanted me to go down a road 'unsuitable for motor vehicles', well instead of turning round, which in hindsight I really should have done, I took a detour.  Big mistake!  This road had major potholes down in that were so deep I was in first gear all the way down and very worried about the suspension.  Alissia, bless her, slept through the lot!  Next week I'll have to try to remember how we got there and just do that backwards!

After a mammoth sleep and then an even bigger feed, and some lunch for me, we walked up to see Alissia's cousins Jack and Danny.
Alissia in her new coat!
We walked down quite a busy main road, which we don't normally do, and Alissia was transfixed by all the cars!  We had a nice afternoon with the twins, and her Auntie Carole & Uncle Patrick, & Grandad, and then walked back again.
Alissia & I with Jack. Danny didn't want to sit with us!
Alissia with her Auntie Carole

Alissia with both Danny & Jack
After a snooze on the way back, and some chilling and some more singing, and playing peek a boo with her new octopus Oliver, it was time for bed.
Action shot!  See how my arms and legs move Mummy!
After all the excitement of the day Alissia went straight to sleep without any problems!  Tonight's dinner was homemade pasta bake with bacon, and salad.

Note to self, tomorrow get up earlier to get to the new class on time!


Alison said...

Sounds like another busy day ....how nice that you live so close to Alissia's cousins!
Alison xx

Ginger said...

Your days are quite full! :)
Alissia is looking so sweet!

Pasta bake and bacon sounds tasty :)

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

wow what a busy day, love the photo's with her cousins and Alissia is just soo beautiful.