Thursday, 24 March 2011

The One About The Eddie's That Got Away......

Yesterday because I was so busy writing about things I loved, I completely forgot to write about my new bag that arrived.  I had been waiting for it to arrive all week, and yesterday it came.  It matches my shoes for Saturday, and I love it! Its from Accessorise and I had to order it online because they didn't have it in the shop.  Isn't it pretty!

Following on from my post yesterday about Eddie spotting, and I have a little story about todays.  Unfortunately there wasn't one parked outside Tesco on the way to work this morning (nothing unusual in that, they're normally there Mon/Tues/Wed) but then I spotted one further along the journey, but I was always about 100 metres behind it in traffic.  It even went the same way I was going, but turned off before I got to it.  For any of those that don't follow, all the Eddie Stobart lorries have a ladies name but its only on the front of the lorry or on the side doors, and its always quite small so you have to get up really close to see it.  So this morning I missed one.  Then coming home this evening I spotted another one burther up in the traffic.  So being me, I switched into the outside lane (even though its not the one I need to get home) in the hope that I could overtake it and see the name.  Unfortunately things conspired against me and I got caught by the traffic lights! The things I've done to spot an Eddie!  I've had my OH move into the outside lane on an empty motorway before now so that I could see the lorry on the other side of the dual carriageway!  I'm sure I'm not the only one that does mad things!!!!

I thought that today I would share what is going to be my craft area.  Its got to also be used as an exercise area, so I'm having built in cupboards, but a fold down table under the tv (which is there so that I can do my exercise dvd's).  And its turquoise!!!  I love the colour (the room - which is really just a landing area - was bright orange before!).  The wooden shelves and fold down table are still a work in progress by my lovely OH.

Today I made the most of the weather again, and got out of the office in my lunch break.  Well today I managed to remember to take a photo using my phone (which I love by the way, its a smart phone and I've had it a month and I still love it - I might even do a LO about it) its the view as I walk round the local park, of a blossom tree.  It always makes me smile when I see a blossom tree because my mum has one in her back garden and I just love the pink petals :)

I'm very lucky to have tomorrow booked off, so hopefully I can get some scrapping done, using some of the ideas from my blog, and I want to paint my nails ready for Saturday.  I'm going to have a go at doing some pretty patterns so I'll take a photo if I get a chance.

Thanks to everyone that has commented so far :) its nice to know people are interested in what you write :) 


Miss Smith said...

Didn't comment on yesterday's post (was furtively reading at work) but in our family, we also spot Eddies! Not sure why, and we count lorries of other descriptions as well now. Ever since we saw an Eddie pulling a Tesco trailer.

Yay for days off!

Gem's Crafts said...

Miss Smith, I'm so glad I'm not the only one! We tend to keep count too if we go on a long journey, we went from Manchester to Cornwall last summer and counted 32 on the way down! Keep me posted on what you spot!!! This has even inspired me to make a LO about it!

Sarah said...

Hi, from a Blogging for Scrapbookers Classmate. Thanks for visiting my blog! Very interested in your craft area progress as I am planning on turning our box room into a craft room soon...well, once we have finished the lounge renovations that is! Good luck Eddie spotting!!