Monday, 28 March 2011

The One About Goals For The Future.....

This is something that I think about in great detail, or document really, just things that I know I want to improve, nothing majorly life changing, just little things that will make me feel happier :)

1) to try to keep on top of the housework - I know its mad, but I see dust in the house and I want to clean it up!  I'm still new to this living in my own home thing, with my partner, its been 9 months now and I still like to try and keep things tidy.  Its becoming increasingly difficult though recently because of the works going on upstairs to my new craft area.  But... it causes dust to land everywhere in the house, it just spreads!  And I can't clean at the weekends, because thats when all the dust is being made! So the last two Fridays have been days off, and thats what I have done, cleaned and cleaned!!!

2) I want to pass my AAT exams and complete the qualification.  I started just after Christmas, and have completed the first module, just need to sit the exam now.  I'm currently doing about ten hours a week (which means less time for cleaning) and there is so much to take in, but I so want to pass!

3) I want to be happy at work.  At the moment its just not happening, coming home stressed and with headaches, so not what I envisaged.   One of the perks of my job, is that they pay a professional to come in once a month to give half hour massages to the employees.  Well today I had my first one and it was fab!  Only problem was I wanted to go to sleep afterwards (not good when you're expected back at work for the rest of the afternoon!)

4)  I want to do more scrapping, but with the studying its just not really happening at the moment, last weeks 3 pages (one still incomplete) only got done because I had the day off!  There is always just something else that I know I should be doing, and I just feel so guilty all the time, because I think that I should be doing something more productive for the house! Does anyone else feel guilty all the time???  My OH doesn't mind at all, he's more than happy to play on his xbox whilst I scrap.  I think sometimes I just put too much pressure on myself!

So... not terribly interesting goals, but things that I'm trying to work towards at the moment.  I'd best go, I'm meant to be cooking dinner and I've started feeling guilty again!


Tracy said...

I am also studying and know how much of your time it takes up.Good luck

Jinnag said...

No good trying to dust when you have work going on! Housework will always be there - that I promise you - - 40 yrs experience of it!! Take a peak here
Her ideas are brilliant - and it will give you time for the more important things like your studying and scrapping! Good Luck. J x
ps - Flylady tips do work - I've been using them for years now!

Lynn said...

Housework - gets in the way of doing things! I can also be a little obsessive in keeping things clean and tidy - good luck with finding a balance

Denise said...

Hello,just popping over from BFS- good luck with your studies :-)