Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The One With My Confession.....

So I had a think about yesterdays blog, and couldn't really think of an interesting story to tell.  Which got me thinking, at the moment we're just going through our daily routine, and not doing much out of the ordinary.  We're both getting up and going to work every day, doing our usual evening socialising (and for those of you that are interested yes we still go to Salsa classes and have moved up to the intermediate class where they teach much more complicated moves), we work on the house in or spare time, and I study for my AAT qualification.  The only out of the ordinary event in the last week was babysitting for the twins on Saturday, but even that wasn't very exciting because they were fast asleep before we got there!  The twins are my other halfs nephews and are 16 months old at the moment.  Not that I'm complaining, I quite like our routines and we have settled in to living together (9 months since I moved in!).

I do have a bit of  confession to make though... I'm a bit of an Eddie Stobart fan!! Not one of those mad people that goes to their depo's for days on end.  I just like to count the ones that we see and watch out for their names - they are all named after women - did you know???  Anyway it all started when I went on long journeys with my mum down the motorways to fetch my brother from uni, then I started looking for thier names (I have spotted one named after me too!)  Then at Christmas my OH father bought me a membership to the fan club! Little bit sad I know but it was the only way to get the book with the full listing of names in.  So now I admit I do mark them off as I spot them! If I'm lucky I see one on the way to work unloading outside Tesco, todays was called Linda Swan :) so I dare anyone who is reading this to look out for Eddie's this week and list the ones on here that they've seen!  After a while it gets quite addictive! Link here is anyone is interested!

So... the whole privacy thing with blogs. Was anyone else really quite worried by wht Shimelle put in the prompt? It really made me think about what I post on here.  I do want to try to be as honest as possible because otherwise I don't see the point, but I also dont want to divulge too much, especially if its about friends and family.

But I do have an important family event coming up this weekend which I will be logging about and most definitely uploading photos from!

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Unknown said...

I decided not too worry about privacy too much. Obviously I don;t post my address but I decided to share my kids names and of course their faces. If I post layouts with other people kids in them I ask permission first.