Thursday, 21 April 2011

The About Being Jinxed...

Do you ever have a day where anything electrical you touch goes wrong?  Well thats what happened to me today.  I was going about my usual working, I printed a few pages showing monthly transactions, then moved onto my next task where I had to request a new supplier to be set up on Sage.  To do this I had to print off a form and fill it in.  I sent the document to the printer and waited for the printer to produce it.  Nothing happened.  I checked the store on the printer (sometimes the printer saves it and you have to relaease your print job with a password).  Still nothing.  So then I thought maybe I hadn't sent it to print at all.  So I asked it to print again.  I was quite confused as I'd already been printing documents ealier on.  So to bypass the problem I sent it to the colour printer (despite it being a black and white document) and it printed just fine.  (As is departmental policy at the moment I reported the problem to IT).

Next issue was with Sage.  My job doesn't involve needing to be in Sage all day long, so when I've finished what I'm doing I close it down.  Sage needs a password.  Earlier in the day I'd posted a few journals and it was just fine.  Later on I had to run an account to check the transactions.  So I attempted to log on.  Even though I was using the same password as earlier it wasn't having it and said my account was locked.  So that had to be unlocked by the Sage manager.

Next up, my phone.  My shiny lovely smart phone that I've had about two months.  It was flashing to show there was a new message on there.  So I pressed the menu key to unlock the phone, and the screen didn't change.  Next I tried to use the unlock button on the side of the phone, again nothing happened.  So I thought the best thing to do would be to turn the phone off and on again, thats what people usually recommend isn't it?  Even the power button wouldn't work!  In the end I had to pull the back of the phone off and the battery out and put it back in again to make it work!

So, later in the day IT responded to my report of the printing problem.  So we tried to print the same document that wouldn't print earlier, and what happened?  It printed just fine!  It really wasn't my day at all!!!

So has anyone else had a day where it seems they emit electromagnetic radiation or something that just effects everything electrical around them?  


Colleen said...

Oh I hate those kinds of days! Sure hope today is better!

Tracy said...

Those sort of days sound very familiar!

Sian said...

I just this very minute thought the electricity had gone off. Turned out my computer cable had just come out! I'm not good with machines..