Sunday, 10 April 2011

The One About Our Midnight Visitors...

Okay so it wasn't midnight when they arrived, but it was after midnight when they left so I think it works (plus it sounds better than our nearly midnight visitors!).  Anyway, M's sister C had been out in town to the pub with a friend last night, and on their way home they saw the light as on in our front room and decided to pay us a visit.  Well over the last few weeks I've been re-reading my Scrapbook Inspirations mags (I can't bear to throw them out) for new ideas.  Anyway C's friend S saw one of the mags and asked did I do scrapbooking, to which obviously I replied yes! And she wanted to see my albums, so we happily spent an hour upstairs looking through all my mini-books and albums and just generally chatting about scrapbooking.  I have not met anyone before that actually scrapbooks in real life.  Of course I know people online, but its not quite the same thing is it?  And I show my LO's to M or my family, and they're always pleased to see them, especially if they're in them, but last night I met someone who was just as enthusiastic as I was, who actually appreciated the time it takes to make things look pretty :) And she wanted to look at everything, not just look at one page and walk away, everything!  I'm hoping that I might meet u with her again, as it would be great to have someone to scarp with!  And maybe even find a crop to go to!

So, has anyone else had any surprise visitors??

And do you know any other scrappers in real life??


Mary Ellyn said...

I am fortunate to have my sister and several very good friends who all scrap and we often scrap together. Scrapping with friends is the best - find a crop to go to and meet some fellow scrappers - they are a very friendly bunch and you are sure to meet some new scrappy friends!

Alison said...

Meeting another scrapper is always such fun...even just being able to TALK about scrappy goodies without being looked at as if you are a raving lunatic is great!
Alison xx

Sian said...

Don't throw them out! Don't do it!

I don't know anyone else round here who scraps, but I have been lucky enough to meet up with a blogfriend and that was great