Saturday, 21 May 2011

The One About my Late Night Scrapping...

So last night was my scrapping night while M was out at boys night, and goodness I really was up late - for me anyway.  I packed it in and went up to bed at 1am, and by that time my back was really sore, because for now I scrap on the living room floor, and it doesn't half hurt after a while bending over on my knees!  Luckily though I have a yoga mat that I can sit on as we have laminate floorboards in our front room!  (Fingers crossed it won't be long until my craft space will be ready - M has been dispatched outside while the weather is dry to do some more work on the wood :)  I think all it needs is some sanding, then the worktop and leg mechanisms need varnishing, and it all putting together).

So after nearly 4 hours of scrapping, I finished one LO, and one DLO.  (It took me a while to find the photos - some are on my PC, some are on M's laptop, and some are on the portable hard-drive.  It turned out that my PC doesn't recognise the hard-drive which was a bit of a pain as I had over 200 pictures from our holiday in madeira that I wanted to put on it.  I know this all sounds rather complicated, but the printer is currently downstairs and I print from the laptop).

Anyway, back to the LO's.  The first one was of our trip to Alton Towers shortly after we first met.  I had completely forgotten that I had taken photos whilst we were there, so it was a nice surprise to find them!  I took inspiration from Shimelle's 6x4 Photo Love class, and the LO came together really quickly.  I had a bit of an accident with some glue, but managed to cover it up with a co-ordinating red circle embellishment!

Next up was the DLO of our trip to the rugby league final of Wigan Warriors versus St Helens last February (?), so can't remember the date, now that I'm blogging hopefully I won't forget things like that now!  M's dad printed photos off from the trip a while ago, so I just decided to scrap them (all that faffing about with the printing of photos, and I only used three that I printed myself!  What am I like!  Think it was the wine that I was drinking that had something to do with it!!!)  Anyway as it was a special occasion and we didn't know whether the Wigan Warriors would make it to the final again, P (M's dad) decided to make a proper day of it and go to one of the hospitality suites first.  It was fab!

Bit of a dilemma about what to wear (well we were advised to dress smartly, but then I had to factor in we'd be sat outside in the cold to watch the match!), but after a yummy three course meal, we went out to find our seats.  We were up in one of the corners, quite high up, and with a good view of the screen to see the close-ups.  I can't pretend to understand all of the rules, but I got quite excited every time they scored, and cheered them on.  And it made our day that they won!  M and his Dad are season ticket holders so they try to go to all of the home matches, and some of the away ones (means I get to scrap on a Friday night!)  and sometimes, for exiting matches I tag along, or if there is an away trip somewhere nice I tag along there too (last year I went to the game in Hull, and we had a nice look round the town before the match).  Only if it's in the warmer months of the year, during the winter months unless it is going to be a really spectacular game I stay at home in the warmth!  Not really a cold weather person!!!

So I was thinking about how long it took me to put just two pages together, and I wondered... how long does it take you to put a page together?  And does it bother you that it might take three hours to do just one SLO?


dogmatix said...

Gem, the pages are fab. Fair play to u for sitting on the floor for so long.
Yes, I find it annoying sometimes if it takes 2 hours or more to complete a SLO, but then I have to remember you can't hurry creativity. I have been known to leave a LO half done (after 2/3 hours), then come back to it a few weeks down the line and finish it in 10 minutes. Figure the time away in answer to ur first q...1 hr - 3 weeks to complete an SLO lol

Lynn said...

Great layouts - don't think I could sit on the floor for that long. Recently I have started scrapping standing up - don't know why. I have also recently turned into a much more speedy scrapper - I think it is usually because I am following a sketch or have planned the page first. However I don't think it matter how long it takes and as long as it is fun!

WendyB said...

Hmmm, I don't think I should tell that my latest/current layout has been sat half done for oh say, 2 months !! Not in the zone right now lol Love these but I don't think I could have sat on the floor for that long. BTW,in case I forget - good luck with your exam :-)

Alison said...

I used to sit on the floor to Scrapbook, and it was hard going..if I count in the amount of time it takes me to decide on which pics to use, yes, I can easily be two hours!
Good luck with the exam
Alison xx

Sian said...

It usually takes me that long to do one page, though never in one sitting (or kneeling - ooh, my knees would never take that punsihment!). I manage about two pages a week, with 20 minutes here and there until they are done.

Ginger said...

Those a great layouts! I can't imagine scrapping on the floor, I'm with Sian, it would really bother my knees (getting aged!) I'm usually a slow scrapper as I think too much. Lots of times I don't have 3-4 hours in one sitting so I manage to come back to it... I like leaving it sit overnight and will peruse it in the morning before work so I have a fresh pair of eyes, then I'll finish it off in the evening.

Alison said...

Gem, just to let you know that at long last we are getting some decent sunshine and heat....thanks for the support for my project this week!
Alison xx