Sunday, 29 May 2011

The One About Having Scrappers Block...

This weekend has just not gone as I'd planned.  The idea was that my new supplies would be here by Friday and I would be able to start my new project.  Unfortunately for completely unknown reasons, despite my supplies being posted first class on Tuesday, they haven't arrived.  I sat in yesterday waiting for the postman, and only moved when M's dad turned up to postie watch whilst I had a shower.  I was in a strop all day!

The new project I want to do is Document 2011.  I've seen what lots of other people have done both for 2010, and for the start of 2011, and I thought I'd like to do that.  So as part of my treat I ordered some supplies that I could use for it, intending to make some headway into it this weekend.  I've been back through my emails and text messages and diary and put together some of the things that I did January through to MArch.  Then of course I started blogging so April and May will be a lot easier.  So I'm ready and waiting, and not able to get started.

So I thought rather than waste the opportunity, I would do some other scrapping.  So I printed off some photos from when Mum and I went to Speke hall in April, and some photos from a wedding we went to last summer.  And I just couldn't get in the groove.  I chose the card, and the papers.  The problem was the layout itself, and how I was to do the journalling.  I conscious that my LO's seem to be quite samey, with the title at the top, and the journalling in strips to the side or one the right.  So, I've put it all away.  Maybe having slept on it I'll have a better idea for how it should look tomorrow, but I didn't want to force it, and I just wasn't having fun.

It must be the thought of new stash!  Up till now I've been quite happy rooting through my old supplies, and always finding something that will work. So... I'll see what tomorrow brings.

In other news, today might just be the last time that I scrap on the living room floor, so I though I'd share a photo before I packed it all away.

The reason being, my craft area is very nearly done.  All the wood has been varnished this afternoon, so tomorrow all M has to do is fit it altogether, and screw various bits in!  Yey, so I might just have a finished craft area tomorrow!  These are a few of the pictures of what has been done today:

The top of the unit in the process of being varnished

The varnish went on it different layers, three coats of deep mahogany, with one layer of maple on top

This is the fold down work-top

These will be the legs

This is the unit that goes behind that fold down bit, and can be used to house little bits and bobs if I want it to.  It would involve crawling under the table to get at them though!
So... has anyone else ever had scrappers block?  And what do you do to combat it?  I need help!


Alison said...

You must be desperate to get into your scraproom now-it's looking brill! I hate when things don't arrive when you expect them too...maybe once it comes your mojo will come back...have you tried looking at some sketches on 'Page Maps' or a similar site? Thanks for all your lovely comments this week
Alison xx

Lisa-Jane said...

O M G !!!!! I definitely have craft room envy after seeing that. How lucky to have someone who can create a space for you to create in. I use sketches a lot but I find that if I thought I was going to do something and then I can't for some reason, I always feel a bit torn and can't quite settle to the new thing because I feel bothered that I wasn't doing what I originally planned. Does that make sense? Have fun organising your new space. xx

Ginger said...

I definitely get scrappers block and embrace the time to catch up on other things such as blogging or I will pull out my art journal or maybe eve do some painting!
Thanks for sharing the photo of how you currently scrap:) it's fun to see how we scrappers will make do with any space, but I'm sure you are looking forward to your new space as it looks like it's coming along nicely :)

Sian said...

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a parcel that doesn't show up. I hate that!

Yes, I get scrappers block too - or a migraine, that's the other thing guaranteed to stop me in my tracks. But I do find that if I leave of for a few days I can work faster when I get back into it.

Best of luck!