Friday, 10 June 2011

The One About Ten Things I Love Right Now...

So today is the tenth of the month, and Shimelle is running something where everyone blogs about 10 things on the tenth.

So I've chosen to blog about 10 things I love:

1) that my Sarahs Cards order finally arrived!!!
And I was so enthusiastic about using it on wednesday night, that I didn't get any photos!

2) that I can scrap in my new craft area!
I'm still not able to put things away, but its useable!

3) this series of The Apprentice
I'm going for Helen and Thomas in the final...anyone else want to make a guess???

4) that my brother is coming home from uni tomorrow

5) that my brother in law hasn't had any major problems in the last couple of weeks

6) my hanging baskets and clematis plant
I did the hanging baskets last weekend with my mum - pictures to follow in another post

7) spending time with the twins - they're 18 months old now! And so cute :)

8) that I've started on my Document 2011 pages - only on January but its a start!

9) my new job - I'm finding my feet, I'm learning quickly, and I'm actually enjoying it, and not getting stressed so far!

10) and finally... my other half of course!

Make sure you pop over to Shimelles blog to see everyone else's 10 on the 10th!


Miss Smith said...

Yay for crafty arrivals!

And glad you're enjoying the job :D

furrypig said...

lots of happy things in your top ten great!

Em said...

great list! my money's on susan for the apprentice!

Jo.C said...

Great post - TFS
Enjoy your weekend :0)

StacyC said...

Love your list - wonderful things to have in your life.

Jo.C said...

Banana and cheese beats everything I think Gem. As it's so early in the morning I now feel a bit queasy - thanks for that ;0)
Have fun x

Wanda said...

It's nice to hear life is treating you well. Enjoy!