Thursday, 10 November 2011

The One About 10 Things I want to Scrap...

Last night I started to sort out my scrap room.  I had done a lot of putting away of things a few weeks ago, then when the baby's room was cleared ready for plastering, a whole lot more stuff got put in my room.  So what was going to be actual scrapping turned into a massive tidy up.  And along the way I found photos and papers that I haven't used yet, and it made me thing that there must be at least 10 things that I haven't scrapped yet but would like to!  So here they are:

1) the holiday in Madeira

2) the holiday to Paris

3) My sister's wedding

4) M's best friends wedding

5) Our recent weekend away to the Lake District

6) Journal Your Christmas (which I'm hoping to make a start on tomorrow, M very kindly bought the kit from Shimelle as part of my Christmas present, wasn't that lovely )

7) Bump Pictures

8) The trip to Wembley to watch the Wigan Warriors final

9) My best friend birthday

10) Photos of the twins

Now this isn't a challenge I'm setting as there is no way I could all this before the 10th of December!  But it might help keep me focussed, although I have got half started projects upstairs that haven't made it on the list that perhaps should have done!


Connie said...

great topics~you have lots to keep you busy and treasures when you get them done:):)

Lynn said...

Quite alot to keep you busy! I find a list helps me focus.

Linda said...

lovely list Gem! Good luck with getting it all done by dec 10th!

Kimberlee said...

Great list. Go! Go! Go! You can do it!!! :D

Alison said...

Lovely projects to keepyou out of mischief!
Alison xx

Beverly said...

You have a list and that always makes it seem more real to me. Good luck!

Jane said...

you are going to be busy, lucky you getting that kit

Ginger said...

You have some very important events that are wonderful for scrapbooking! Your weekend away looks like it might have been enchanting :) Lovely photos!