Thursday, 3 November 2011

The One About the Castle...

On our way back from Penrith on Saturday afternoon, we stopped off to visit a castle, Brougham Castle.  Unfortunately the day was becoming duller, and it started to rain, and the man in charge advised us not to go up to the castle.  I was quite relieved in one way because I was tired already and there would have been a lot of stairs!

I'm sure the view from the top of the castle would have been something special on a nice sunny day, but we took some photos while we were there anyway!  The leaves on all the trees were turning and looking quite gorgeous, and one tree in particular caught my eye.

Rather than going straight back to the hotel we went to have a look around Appleby town.  It was only quite small, and didn't really have many shops or anything to look at so we didn't stay long.

Next up... dinner at the hotel (where I caused a bit of a stir!)


Alison said...

That tree is beautiful..we don't get the leaves changing colour like that here
Alison xx

Sian said...

Don't the autumn leaves look lovely against the stone? We were out for a walk beside a castle yesterday and I was just thinking that!