Friday, 4 November 2011

The One About Our Evening Meal....

Saturday night we had a table booked in the hotel for a five course meal.  M had decided that he was going to dress in his suit, all smart, so I ordered a dress very last minute off the internet so that I was all dressed up too.  It was only once we got there that M realised he had left his suit in the separate suit bag at home.  It didn't matter, he still looked very smart to me.

Bump at 26 weeks!
The dinner started with us sitting in the lounge choosing our starter and main courses, whilst eating the first course, of the canapes.  We were then taken through to the dining room for the rest of our meal.  My starter was vegetable fritters on a bed of lettuce with parmesan cheese, which were delicious.  M had a goats cheese dish.

Then out came the main courses, M had a three way beef dish with roast dinner trimmings, whilst mine was a potato bake in a parsley sauce and carrots.  Unfortunately the actual name of the dish was Wensleydale cheese & Lavender potato bake.  Now I just thought that was the name of the dish, but no.  The potato bake was actually cooked with Lavender.  Considering lavender is one of the fragrances that I can't stand I struggled to eat my main.  So I had to call over the head waitress and explained the problem, who suggested bringing a side order of vegetables.  So I ate them, but couldn't eat the potato bake at all, so again we called the lady over.  She suggested looking at the menu and picking something else, but given that there were only a couple of main courses to choose from in the first place I struggled to choose another dish.  So I went for the starter of the vegetable fritters again!  Of course by this time M had finished his main course!  So the main course was a bit of a palaver, but they were extremely nice about it all.  And I still had room for dessert afterwards.  The fifth course was the coffee which we took back in the lounge where we flicked through the newspapers.

Stay tuned for the places we visited on Sunday!

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Alison said...

Love your dress! Glad you eventually got something you liked to eat!
Alison xx