Saturday, 5 November 2011

The One About Our Trip Back...

On the Sunday, we took our time driving home.  We decided to take the scenic route via Ullswater to Windermere.  It was very pretty driving alongside the lake seeing all the difference coloured leaves, and along the way there were some stopping points along the way that we took advantage of.

When we got to Windermere we were quite disappointed.  We decided just to visit the town, as we'd just seen a lake, but the town wasn't terribly interesting.  So much so that we didn't take any photos!  A lot of the shops were shut, which if it had been summer on a Sunday, it might have been different.  So we hatched a new plan and set off for Kendal.  Luckily with the clocks having gone back that morning we had extra time!

Kendal was far prettier and we found a lovely little Italian to have our lunch in, where they had music playing in the background that sounded like Phil Collins in Italian.

We also discovered on our travels that baby likes it when M sings along to an Ed Shearing song whilst in the car, she starts kicking like there's a party going on!  It was quite useful when I was feeling uncomfortable because we played the song and she moved!

We had a really lovely weekend away, and it felt like we did lots even though it was only two nights away.  We came home feeling chilled, relaxed and recharged :)


Alison said...

You certainly packed a lot in to your few days away!
Alison xx

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Always love reading what you've been up to Gem, Happy 30th Birthday sweetheart. You are looking so beautiful, enjoy the bump xxx