Thursday, 19 May 2011

The One About All the Blinds...

So last weekend we finally got both of the blinds up, I say we, I mean really that M put them up!  I did have to decorate my purple one first though!

A few weeks ago I ordered a roman blind for our downstairs loo, and a roller blind for the kitchen, and last week they finally came.  The kitchen blind was pretty straight forward, a simple case of M putting it up on the wall (and the little pull string is rather pretty too):

The purple blind however was another matter.  I wanted something purple to match my colour scheme, but any interesting blinds were just far too expensive or didn't come in the right size.  So I ordered a plain one with the idea that I would use my KandiKane to add some silver gemstones to give it some interest.  So I spent an hour last Saurday morning measuring out the spacings for the gems, and sticking them down.  And actually I'm quite pleased with the result:

Tomorrow night M is out having a boys night, so I might just get some scrapping done :)


WendyB said...

The blind looks great Gemma, I agree you should be pleased with it. I have a bejeweler and I never think to use it to jazz things up, must try to remember. Glad you liked Little Ted's debut it was good fun to do and actually quite easy. 127 photos for those few seconds though !!

Alison said...

Love both the blinds, but especially how you jazzed up the purple one1
Thanks for your support on the weightloss!
Alison xx

dogmatix said...

love the purple blind....u done a great job:)

Cheryl M said...

I envy you gals that are so crafty with material, and anything you use to decorate it with!
The blinds look great!