Saturday, 28 May 2011

The One About Five Things....

.... that won't be around in 5 years.  Amy, that writes one of my favourite blogs has issued a challenge, to photograph/blog about/scrap 5 things that will not be around in 5 years time.  At first I found this quite tricky, but with M's input I have the following 5 things:


These flowers certainly won't be around much longer!  I've decided recently that it cheers me up to have flowers in the living room, so rather than waiting for flowers to be bought for me, last week I just decided to buy these myself because the tulips just looked so cheerful!


The dining room table.  We have decided that replacing this is on our list of things to do, its really not big enough when we have dinner parties, and M is going to build his own (when he has the time) so that you can sit four, or you can extend it and sit 6 or 8.  (He's good at building things with wood, he did the stairs to the top floor bedroom, and is currently building my craft space)

3 Yorkshire Puddings!  M insisted!  He has been trying to perfect his recipe for the last two years, and on Thursday, these were the yummy yorkshire puddings that he cooked, well they certainly didn't last very long!

4 The video machine.  I think my Mum and I are the only ones that I know of that still uses a video machine.  I only use mine when I want to do my Yoga workouts, as they are still on video, and I haven't got round to buying the workouts on DVD!

5 This is currently the spare room/where we dry the washing/my library!  Fingers crossed in the next 5 years it will become the nursery :)

Don't forget to pop back to Amy's blog to check out everyone else's 5 things :)

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Sian said...

I'm very comforted to know that I'm not the only one who felt a bit sad; and delighted to find that I'm also not the only one who needs some jobs doing round the house!

Alison said...

I am concentrating on things I hope are going to change yours!
Alison xx

Lisa-Jane said...

I'm salivating over the yorkshire puddings, joining you in still using a video player, and envious of your potential nursery - it's huge! Good luck with the future changes ;-)

Rachel Holaday said...

I'm catching up on the 5 Things posts...I like your list. The Yorkshire puddings are making me hungry! Best wishes on a reason to transform that room into a nursery! ;)

Beverly said...

Even though dh brings me flowers often I frequently buy them for myself...they just make me happy and those tulips are gorgeous. Love that you included a future nursery :)

Unknown said...

Wow, you still have a video. Good luck for your future plans.

Anonymous said...

That's going to make one wonderful nursery. Now as for video machines - we've still got one, well actually it's a combination video & DVD machine so that I can transfer all our home videos onto DVD and once that's done then it's gone. :)