Sunday, 18 January 2009

The One About the CJ Entries

I have done two CJ entries this weekend, the first one is about a trip to the Moors Valley, and the lady whose book it is asked us to each do a 8x8 inch page using the photos provided. I really liked this photo, as its primarily of the Totem Pole, but when you look closely, the lady's littls boy is peeking out from behind it!

The second one is for a smaller book, and the photos of days out last summer (I think), so I chose to use this photo of the castle, with the gorgeous blue sky.

I'm really enjoying these CJs, I think its much more fun to be using other peoples photos, rather than for a general theme. Plus witht eh smaller books I've been getting through my scraps quite quickly, which is good as I'm trying to not buy any more stash supplies in a long while (I already have a Bins it All on my wishlist though)!


Jane said...

looks great Gem, it was a good idea using someone elses photos looking for a suitable photo always takes me a long time!

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Beautiful CJ entries Gem. Love the idea of using other peoples photo's.