Saturday, 10 January 2009

The One with Fridays Photo

Yesterdays photo was not what I had planned at all. I was going to take a photo of something quite boring, and instead I managed a photo of Mum with her new hair do, with the cat trying to have cuddles while Mum was on the computer. It was quite funny really, Tasha clearly wanted attention and was completely blocking the view of the computer screen! She also likes to headbutt us to encourage cuddles!
Today feels as though it has whizzed by and that I haven't achieved anything. I managed to get all the way through my Step DVD but will probably pay for it tomorrow. I have also spent hours trying to get a better deal for my car insurance, and ended up going back to my original insurer as they offered the better deal in the end. What a waste of time! Am going to go and practice with my camera now.

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