Sunday, 4 January 2009

The One About Yesterday, the Step Aerobics & the Soup

So yesterday we took Robert back to Uni in Middlesbrough. Last time we went it was tipping down the whole way, but yesterday it was nice and bright and sunny. So we got there, I took some photos for the photo of the day, then turned round and took a random one of my mum. Well I got home to find the ones of Robert are far too bright, but the one of mum is just right, so the random picture becomes the photo of the day! Here it is:

I've decided to try and do more exercise, and since I've cancelled my gym membership (well all the classes were on at silly times) I got my step out this morning and did some aerobics. How exhausted was I?! I didn't make it all the way through, but I'm figuring that I can build it up, as well as do some pilates every day to increase the strength of my muscles. Thats the plan, I'll see how I go with it!

Todays photo of the day is of the saucepan cooking my soup. I'm making it completely from scratch from my recipe book (which is really easy to use) and its for tea later. Picture isn't great as its on an angle I think but nevermind.

I've also done Christmas Day Journal page, and hope to do a couple more tonight.

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