Thursday, 8 January 2009

The One About The Fog

So we go from snow to sludge to fog in a matter of days. Should we expect anything less from the British weather?! So todays photo of the day is of the fog before I left for work this morning:I've been following what other people have been doing for their photo a day, and my photos just don't look anything special compared to others I've seen, so I've decided if this is worth doing, its worth doing properly. I'm going to go back to the photography course I took last year and use my photography book and try to master my camera, not just the point and click, but actually changing settings manually to see if I can improve. I intend to learn something new each weekend, then use the following week to practice that particular setting. I've found a local photography society that I might sign up for in a couple of weeks once I've picked up how to use the camera a bit better! Watch this space to see if I do improve!

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